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  1. Same concept behind the FXX, seems like the Corse is a bit detuned from the FXX though.
  2. Well, Maseratis are always detuned from the Ferrari's that they are more or less based off of due to a certain agreement (I don't know the details of it) between Maserati and Ferrari, explaining why the MC12 was weaker than the Enzo. Still, if I had money to spare, I'd take this over a Ferrari. Just preference.
  3. well the mc12 actually beat the enzo in top gear... could this detuned fxx beat the fxx?
  4. It probably could.
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  6. aw #$%#, I didn't mean to make a portal from the indies to the main forums =( sorry guys
  7. maybe the fxx's wedge winglets would be of use for something.. and beat the crap out of this car.

  8. what an aggressive looking front end
  9. what an aggressive looking front end
  10. I like the original, wider front end better.
  11. Dude, its not based on the FXX. Its clearly an MC12 variant, and everyone knows the MC12 was based on the Enzo. Therefore some aspects may be similar because the Fxx is an evolution of the Enzo, but you cannot call it a detuned Fxx. Its basically the MC12 racecar.
  12. The variation of the FXX gets applied to this in the sense that since the FXX is a better version of the Enzo. This is a better version of the MC12 and this did not come out until the FXX came out already, suggesting that Maserati was playing its part in its connection to Ferrari by coming up with an upgrade of the MC12 after Ferrari released its upgrade of the Enzo.
  13. noooooo, not a portal! we're doomed!
  14. noooooo, not a portal! we're doomed!
  15. I like everything about this better than the FXX and the original MC12.

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