GALLARDO LP560 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by gallardo, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hey I'm new to the SCN forums, but been reading em for like 2 years or so now, just kept putting off registering/posting.

    Love the sound of that engine, but I really don't like the rear of that car. I mean they could've made that U-shape rear end a bit more interesting.
  2. why is your name enzo gt?
  3. cause he is cool
  4. i've yet to come across an enzo gt. Let me know when you find one.
  5. what about this
  6. that is an MC12 mule
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  8. bah, registered for Enzo Ferrari on another a long time ago, and all the enzo names were taken, so i tacked on a gt and kept it for forums. But yeah I'm cool aswell.
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    the rear definitely looks better in black, but i'd still take a spider over that
  11. At least spell it in proper case, dumbass.
  12. i cant wait to see an lp560 spider
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  14. Really? Where did you know that from? I always saw that being called the Enzo GT but I can be wrong...

  15. Ferrari isn't going to divulge info like that, but did an Enzo GT ever come out? No. It's an MC12 race car mule.
  16. It was established when the pics were leaked that it was part of Maserati's Enzo based project. I can't really give you more details
  17. I remember seeing it floating about a while ago. It's not really the sort of thing you can provide a source for.
  18. OK OK OK... Too bad... I actually thaught it was a test mule for the FXX or sometning...

    Talking about FXX, wasn't this second one a test mule for the FXX???
  19. hi2u2
  20. Damn this car is hot. The first Gallardo I truly like.
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    That actually works in black. But I'm not a fan of black in cars. I'm a car Racist.
  22. neither am I, except for a select few (Buick GNX and a few others) of cars that look perfect with it.
  23. I'm sure I heard a couple of people say there was a grey LP560-4 tucked away somewhere at Geneva. Haven't seen any evidence of it though.
  24. Where can I find more pictures of this flat black enzo/fxx proto?

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