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    I can think of several launch titles Id gladly pay 50$ for on the wii. Especially Zelda. Very good reasons why Im buying the system you consider inferior. It will have good games from day 1.

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    So what? Most systems have crappy launch games. Whoopee the wii has a few. Big deal. Honestly this sstem bullshit is getting tired from everbody.
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    It's not that the PS3 won't have good offerings--it's that I rarely ever buy games.

    The same holds true for movies (of which I own two).
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    its Zelda. I dont give a shit if nothing else comes out for wii (although there is al ot down the pipeline that I already want) but Zelda at launch is just a dream come true for a nintendo fan.
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    the wet weather effects render the game unplayable because they have no bearing on real life. the cars around you are oblivious to your position in relation to them. they have zero track awareness. the had the excellent Martin Brundle on hand to do their commentary but there are literally a handful of phrases you'll hear repeatedly. worst of all, they've had 5 attempts previously to get things right. i always go back to Formula One 2001.
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    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    I guess I'll take your word for it because I'm a huge fan of Formula One 2001 (maybe we have similar tastes).

    I just hope Formula One Championship Edition will be a much better game...
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    New pictures of Oblivion for the PS3...
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    My mom knows the manager of the Wal-Mart. He says basically first-come-first-serve on the 19th for the Wii, and they should have a healthy shipment, so I'm just gonna show up 4ish AM for the 7AM opening and I'm sure I'll get one.

    I'm wondering tho' if it wouldn't be worth my time to came out for a PS3 to eBay tho...
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    Thats screen shots from the Knights of the Order add-on thats getting released next month. I rebought Oblivion today, so I can play it!

    Those are exactly the same as the 360 screenshots.

    One weird thing about the game though, its in 720P and 1080i, why would anyone want to play it in 1080i is beyond me.
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    Depending on where you live, minimum camping time will be 24 hours.
  12. New Video Game Thread #3 launch games I'm not sure. I'm hoping the Double Agent port holds up but I don't have my hopes up (e.g. I'm afraid it'll be a strait GC port)... hoping Red Steel holds up...

    Otherwise I'm going to get one of the mini-game-games: whichever of Monkey Ball, Raving Rabbits, etc. gets the better reviews...
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    a popular complaint about the 350 version is the textures at different distances do not transition well in outdoor areas. this is known as the pea soup conundrum. i've gotten around this by downloading insanely high LOD replacement textures for all the distant terrain. althought this is a no no for the PS3, Bethesda sis promise much smoother transition in outdoor scenes for this version. that said, are there any new pics which show this because i haven't come across them. very interested to see them.
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    I f*cking hope not, but I'll drive by to get a handle on how things develop.

    Christ, late November really isn't the season for that <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    Wario Ware
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    New Video Game Thread #3

    It's official: I'm buying Medal of Honor on the day it comes out!

    Watch the top video:
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    I know its becoming conventional wisdom, and hence hate to repeat it, but I'd seriously consider getting the GC version, even for the Wii. From the sounds of things they are identical save controls and wide-screen, and also from the sounds of things it was developed for the GC controller from the start, so unless word comes down that the Wii control screen works well...
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    There's virtually no way you'll get a PS3 if you aren't there at least 20 hours in advance.

    I'm personally shooting for the 24 to 36-hour timeframe...
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    Apparently there won't be a GameCube version because Nintendo is using it as leverage to sell Wiis. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
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    there have been hands on demos with the Wii control mechanics including the sword swing, but all accounts so far have been highly positive that the controls are spot on and well suited for the game.
    It seems to be meeting expectations. however, Matt Cassamassina of IGN is going to play the entire Zelda game starting tuesday, so reviews should be up fairly soon.
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    apprently you cant read gaming news very well. the gamecube version comes out in December.

    and buy Zelda Wind Waker for shits sake. Its #$%#ing awesome.
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    As if I don't have ADD already...

    I'm not sure that'll transfer from the DS. I'd like something a bit deeper.
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    I own the Wind Waker, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping so I stopped playing it. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Edit: and if you're so sure that a GC version is still coming out, why has it disappeared from radar?
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    Heard that on the podcast. Interested in how it works out.

    The one thing that bothers me about the Wii launch games is that none except Zelda sound very 'deep' (except some of the cross-platform games that more-of-may-not be good ports). E.g. a launch game to equal Mario64 or MarioWorld people were still trying to finish off 100% years later.

    IMHO Mario Galaxy would have been the ultimate launch title, but I can see the logic of Zelda first (appeals more to the hardcore gamer early adopters)

    edit -- 'cept maybe Red Steel, but it sounds like they've been down to the wire trying to nail the controls for launch.
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    New Video Game Thread #3

    HALO 3 INFO + PICS!!!



    * Spiker - a new Brute weapon
    * Spartan Laser - a laser that tears vehicles apart
    * Nail Grenade - sticks into walls, sends nails everywhere


    * Mongoose - the ATV that was cut from Halo 2; seats two, but no weapons; designed for recon

    New Feature

    * "Man Cannon" - what it sounds like; launches you into the air (think: jump pads from Unreal, Quake Arena)


    * Bumpers are used to reload the right and left weapons independently
    * X-button has a "secret" function


    * Secondary weapon is now visible when not in use (slung over shoulder)

    Collector's Edition

    * "Legendary Edition" - box is a replica of Master Chief's helmet, includes 4-disc set:
    o Disc one: game
    o Disc two: documentaries and developer commentary
    o Disc three: spin-off material (Red vs. Blue, Spark of Life, etc.)
    o Disc four: all cut scenes from Halo 1-3 in HD
    o Bonus: sneak peek of Halo movie will be included on one of the discs (maybe)

    this all comes from scans from an upcoming Halo 3 feature to be published in Swedish mag Level. Some serious translation work is needed before the full story comes into focus, but we have gathered that the images are from an alpha build of Halo 3, suggesting that many of the details won't reflect the final version.

    EDIT: uh, the link would be good for pics eh

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