Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Just bought 3 games for the xbox one

    Shadow warrior
    Killer instinct
    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD limited edition

    Only 20 euro
  2. Pinball dreams and sequel fantasies was awesome back in day.
  3. Wow trying to play Killer Instinct, it needs to download a 47(!!!!) gigabyte patch.

    Modern gaming sucks sometimes. I just want to put it in and play ffs.
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  4. Was going to buy gran truismo sport but I found out it is online only.
    I bought overwatch and bloodborne instead.
  5. Married life am I right?
  6. Almost
  7. Also apparently this game is F2P. **** this shit. Only 6 characters you can play out of 50. The others you actually have to pay for them, you can't unlock them by playing. No wonder i bought it so cheap.

    Shame, it's actually pretty fun, but f2p ruins it.
  8. Yeah, I wondered why you paid for it at all. I get Killer Instinct free on XBlive
  9. HrodHerich on PSN. Playing Rocket League and GTS atm.

    Finally got a steering wheel, and surround headset. Cabin view sound is fucking epic.
  10. There is plenty to do offline too, and time trials are still there, which are more than enough for me.
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  11. That's all new. The game kinda sucked when it first came out. Good now though
  12. It's strange playing a game (PUBG) where I often go 20 some odd minutes, many times never killing an enemy (sometimes never even firing a weapon), getting killed like the n00b I am, and wanting to do it all over again. The drama is so much fun.
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  13. I tried PUBG, too slow for me. Greatly prefer the pace of Fortnite.
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  14. The slow pace works for us old and grumpy.

    Installed Doom yesterday and now copying disk 4 of Project Cars 2. Doom was just one disk and 50+ GB download. Ugh.
  15. I guess I see it the opposite way, free time is quite limited so I want to make sure something happens in those few minutes of game play, haha
  16. This. It's mostly a running with almost no gunning game. And the hit detection is the worst. My character also froze at one point while the other player just ran up to me and shot me.
  17. Isn't that game just some mod?
  18. The Battle Royale genre started off as a mod of ARMA III, but has taken a life of its own through H1Z1 and exploded with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. There's many great streamers on twitch if you wanna check out what its like.
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  19. I just bought a working ps1 with gta 2 for 15 euro. What a steal
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  20. Has anybody played or is anybody playing ARK?
    I can't remember if I already asked and I'm too lazy to read back
  21. Putting a lot of time on Neon Chrome:

    Well worth the price.
    I also bought the preview release for We Happy Few. I played some of it and loved it. Waiting for full release to play it as I don't want any spoilers.
  22. What's your steam name?
  23. im playing anno2205
    love these resource management\production chain games once i figure them out

    my ideal game would have the industry management of anno, the population/consumption management of banished, and the traffic and building management of Cities skylines
  24. @z28vette

    steam: blakeschneider

    Do you play? I've gotten much better, but still I would say average now. I'm at the point where I don't scream and fall backwards out of my chair when I see an enemy charge around the corner. So I'm making progress.
  25. Got Shadow Warrior free on XBone. Pretty fun. Demon bunny actually gave me a startle because all ofva sudden, death metal music started playing and this demon bunny was pouncing at me.

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