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    A first for me, 0 damage taken solo win, weee
  2. isnt it tax season
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  3. It is, but I can't shoot clients, so vidyo gaymz is the next best thing.
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  4. i dont even recognize this country anymore
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  5. Just recently finished THPS2, now going back through FFIX. The nostalgia hnnng
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  6. IX doesn't get the respect it deserves, probably my favorite in the series with XII coming a close 2nd.
  7. I just bought ARK and ghost recon wildlands.
    Both pretty sweet
  8. i had a lot of fun with wildlands even though it has its flaws
    I think the open nature of the game allows you to make every enemy contact as interesting as you want. you could certainly use all the cheaty stuff and exploit the AI, or go in guns blazing and still probably win, but if you attack situations strategically you can keep it interesting
    the gear aspect is pretty fun too
  9. Have the fixed team AI? That totally killed it for me. Too many times a teammate was next to a bad guy shooting at me, and he'd just look at the bad guy, then aim somewhere else.
  10. There is issues with this still. But it depends on your difficulty setting from what i can tell. Your teamate AI is par with enemy AI. So if you play in easy they are all retarded. And get progressively smarter as you increase the difficulty settings.
    But I haven't played enough to really tell for sure. I've only put about 2 hours in so far.
  11. Bought Solus Project on Xbone for cheap. Pretty fun game. You're crash landed on an alien planet. Typical survival quest game. Good story. The first time a big tornado formed freaked me out. Only down side is stupid long load times. Luckily they don't happen often.
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  12. whats up with this pirate game
  13. Currently playing need for speed hot pursuit 2 and ssx tricky on the ps2 and tomb raider definitive edition on xbox one.

  14. HP2 and SSX were both amazing. HP2 very underrated.
  15. True. I only payed 3 euro for the both of them lih
  16. Can anyone tell me if Far Cry 5 has exploding barrels? havent seen any from small bits ive watched
  17. I just got it. I've already beaten it with one ending. On second play through I'll let you know.
  18. Can confirm gas can 'splosions
  19. how short is this game? wtf
  20. Lol let's just say at the beginning you can do something other than dying to get one of the endings.
  21. ugh etb is using gameshark
  22. Game Genie, you pleb.
  23. I just beat Far Cry 5. It was alright. 4 is still my favorite. I think they should have done without the armed helicopters. You can pretty much dominate the enemies with it. Why go through all the trouble of getting all these side quest items when I can just mow them all down with the helicopter chain gun? Pop in is pretty annoying. And silenced sniper rifle is pointless. They still know you're shooting even if they dont see their team mate go down. The story was pretty interesting though. I think they could have based a whole game off of Faith's character.
  24. First Chicken dinner in Pubg. Solo on Erangel. Drove a boat half way around the island and got an relatively easy kill at the end with low end gear. I do get top ten finishes constantly, but usually lose those critical gunfights.
  25. Don't know if this belongs in this thread or the latest purchase thread. Perhaps a moderator can step in and make this decision but...

    I just bought a pair of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headphones and the gaming experience improved dramatically, I'm able to hear and see better. It's amazing what these gaming headsets are able to do with sound. What kind of sweet rig headsets are you guys running?
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