Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. 7? We talked about it a lot on pages 11 and 12 of this thread!

    I played it a ton when it came out, then kiddo happened and I kinda put it down. I didn't have any problems getting enough credits to buy cars or upgrades, but the leveling system is weird. Like, you have to be level 3 before you can buy X car or whatever.

    It's definitely the best driving experience to date, no question.
  2. I am looking forward to Metro Exodus.
  3. Downloading the RE2 remake now. I think I managed to miss it in my PS1 days, so looking forward to it as a new-ish game to me.
  4. A friend of mine lived on the original RE2 as a kid, and just started playing the remake. Loves it.
  5. I am no longer looking forward to Metro Exodus.
  6. Thanks, checked it out

    Im a little iffy on the grindyness since I just want to casually play it. Maybe when it gets below 30$
  7. Anyone trying Apex Legends? Seems to be the big multiplayer game of the moment.

    I know a lot of people don't like battle royale games, but this one definitely seems well done.
  8. I haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a go. Not big into BR, scavenging for 15 minutes and then being 1 shot from across the map by a bush camper doesn't appeal to me but Apex seems more action packed with close quarter battles
  9. You play on Xbox, right? What's your tag? I've got one buddy who's pretty into it, be nice to have a third with actual communication.
  10. PS has Hitman 2 for free. I've been trying to get the kills using stealth. But, people keep deciding to see what I'm doing at the most inconvenient time, so I just kill everyone.
  11. PS4 dude
  12. Anybody pick up the new Ace Combat? It was by far my favorite series until they added all the helicopter crap in assault horizon. Then didnt bother with infinity. But I may pick up the new one.
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  13. RIP
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  14. how do some people have 1000 kills already, and is anyone having really inconsistent fps and stuttering
  15. I've run into a lot of server issues and dropped connections, but it runs smoothly for me on xbox, and on PC it runs 60+ frames at 4k, 144 frames on 1080
  16. add me on pc MayorDomino1
  17. i want it tobe good but the last one sucked so bad I wont buy it til its on sale and proven to be decent
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  18. Gravity Rush is a pretty cool game on the cheap. I was worried it would be aimed at the hentai loving virgin crowd. But, the story line is pretty interesting. It's not very complicated, but still kind of fun.
  19. Tried to install apex legends on xbox one, but it's in german. Apparently EA thinks i speak german.

  20. YouvYo been haxed
  21. Nah apparently lot's of Europeans have this problem. Also, there's no language change option.

    I tried to play the game anyway, but then i had to login in Origin, which i hadn't used since Bad Company 2. My Account was suspended and i had to unlock it. The way to unlock it? Send an e-mail to EA. Well **** that shit lol
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  22. Yeah, I just set up a new OriginID, didn't mess with all that crap.
  23. Played a bit more RE2 remake last night.

    Good game. The Tyrant keeps scaring me.
  24. Still need to buy re2. Looks fun.
  25. too scary

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