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  1. What do we think of real life actors in games?

    It's kinda cool imo, but i also prefer 'new' people instead of hollywood actors.
  2. I just bought days gone. It's ok so far.

    As for real actors in games I don't mind it. But I much prefer games with character creation and customization.
    If I want to play as a chick I will play as a chick. If I want to play as a purple dude who got hit in the face with a truck then let me.
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  3. im triggered
  4. Indeed, how else will you get dudes to send you dick pics?
  5. It's fine if I like the actor. If they're a shit actor in movies, they'll be doubly shitty in a game.
    I just finished Detroit Become Human. That has some good acting. Probably going for a second play through.
  6. That's what I'm talking bout!
  7. Nothing to be triggered about. Sometimes a guy just wants some attention
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  8. Ban video games that have genders. Society can't allow such things.
  9. Is anyone else playing Hunt:showdown for free over the weekend? i need someone to team with and hold my hand cause games like this scare me now im old and frail
  10. I like how games are turning more cinematic. It's a natural shift, in my opinion. Being the character within the movie and having all those plot options just makes sense to me.
  11. I'm not really interested in that tbh. I just want to play.
  12. Also who watched Bethesda at E3?

    My god
  13. Im honestly only interested in sand boxy games, strategy games, or like city/system building games

    cinematic games are quickly boring to me. I didn't even finish the witcher ffs
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  14. Oh, me too, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate other genres.

    Also Cities Skylines is king.
  15. The problem with that game is that 99% of the best content is user-made. That means it's impossible to keep ~2500 assets compatible with the lastest patch. Also, my computer really struggles to run the game once the city gets big enough with high-res custom assets.

    I can't go back to the grainy and slapdash vanilla shit, I just can't after downloading a juicy train station made by an autistic person.
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  16. My problem is that I always get inspiration from other creators and when I try to do some of that stuff myself it turns out ugly AF. Then the traffic starts going bad and I end up with a spaghetti road network.

    Right now I'm working on a city that's 100k in population and 82% traffic. Pretty sure my computer should start acting up soon.
  17. Do what I did when I played Sim City (Sim Earth?); Thanos half the population with a typhoon. Traffic problem solved.
  18. Just finished Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I liked the main story and a lot of the earlier quests. But after a while, it seemed like rinse and repeat of the same quests. Of course I also like the fact that you can sex a bunch of people. Because slaying vag is what alphas do. It also needs a fucking run button. I'm happy I only paid $20. I'd be pissed if I paid full price.
  19. If it took me 20 hours (it took more) to build, there's no way I'm letting it get destroyed.
  20. Thats quite a bit of assets, thats a problem
    I usually do something else for a few weeks after an update, and by then the creators have patched

    I play with disasters, but tsunamis are too common and are completely unstoppable. I downloaded a mod that removes those but allows all the other pussy disasters
  21. I went through a period of watching Cities: Skylines traffic fix videos on YouTube.

    Really made me want the game.
  22. There's a YouTube video where someone does this.
  23. my favorite part of the game is making high traffic industry areas and figuring out how to make them run smoothly
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  25. It's amazing how popular those are, but I did learn a lot from such videos.
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