Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Playstation has all of the old Bioshock games free. I've only played one, infinite, and liked it.
  2. bioshock was too weird for me, seemed cool but not my type of game
    I'm not into many single player story drive fps any more. Only like tactical shooters or rpg shooters like fallout
  3. Currently playing Two Point Hospital on the Switch. Man that game is fun.

  4. Is this like Theme Hospital but modern?

    It looks like it
  5. Yup, same creators.
  6. Bioshock 1 is an all time favorite of mine, I'm sure the graphics would make it a little more difficult to play now, but the overall gameplay and especially the story would definitely hold up today.

    2 was really good as well, though I'd say it was my least favorite in the series. Infinite was excellent until they overdid the ending, trying to live up to 1's twist.
  7. I want to play 2 point hospital but I don't want to pay full price for it
    It was just on sale recently :(
  8. Oh that's awesome. Now I have even more reason to get a Switch!
  9. So I played all 3 and you summed up my exact feelings. I wish #3 would have explained for about that giant crow man thing. I did like the nod at the end towards the older games in 3.
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  10. This looks bad ass
  11. Hear it's good
  12. Here their good*
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  13. its a racecar
  14. Playing the newest God of War. I really like the whole Norse Mythology aspect of it. His son acts like a punk ***** though.
  15. God of war is the reason i regret buying an Xbox
  16. playing yakuza 0 off the xbox pass. this game is so weird and i kind of love it. the minigames are so complex for absolutely no reason and its great
  17. i want a ps4 for spiderman 2 or whatever

    what xbox games are even exclusives that matter? last forza was a disappointment
  18. Lol none
    Fable was good on the 360.
  19. Ori and the blind forest, but i don't think that's exclusive anymore.
  20. anyone playing anno 1800

    I'd already own it if it was available on STeam
  21. seriously. play this game right fucking now
  22. [​IMG]

    its almost time
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  23. thinking about buying a quarantine game, how is that fallout like space rpg?

    still holding up?
  24. I got bored and never finished it.
  25. Haven't played it. Not really my cup of tea.

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