Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Google Warez and enjoy your malware.
  2. Download iso, run it with daemon, don't let the game connect with interwebz
  3. start with the Word of God before you succumb to temptation
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  4. Damn totally forgot about that. Old school

  5. talbot sunbeam is pretty interesting
  6. Finally the MK2 RX-7
    But seriously, Sunbeam Lotus Horizon Talbot Simca flustercuck and Falcon XR I really like of that pack

  7. I've still not moved on tot the point where I can just fly around and score goals like some people, but I think I've gotten pretty good with it. Love the game. SmilinGoat on xbox live if anyone wants to add me.
  8. I've never played mass effect before. Is it that good?
  9. It's one of the only games I set out to complete 100%
  10. Is it a bit like Fallout? Because i didn't like Fallout
  11. Eh not like Fallout in the outpost building sense. It's like Fallout in the main mission with a bunch of side quests sense. You can get different weapons and abilities. Choosing different conversation choices gives different outcomes. I loved the story line. Especially since they patched the endings of the third game to actually give you multiple endings. Really good if you're into the whole dark alien conquering theme.
  12. I really enjoyed the first two Mass Effect games. I probably enjoyed the third but I can't remember if I played it or not.

    Don't judge the Fallout series on 4 alone. It's perfectly fine but it's not a great Fallout game. New Vegas is the best of the modern games.
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  13. mass effect is the best rpg
    the first one is def an all time classic, 2nd one was great too but didnt have the freshness of the first one
  14. I enjoyed new vegas better than fallout 4. but I enjoyed fallout 3 more than new vegas.
    I haven't played Mass Effect I may have to add it to my list when I buy an xbox. I am not buying anymore new games for PS4.
  15. fallout4 is pretty good played on survival mode
    got bored of the standard pretty fast

    best shooting mechanics by far, but worst rpg elements
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  16. Agree. I actually spend more time building shit than anything when I play now. gotta give my harem a nice place to sleep.
  17. I think fallout somehow missed atmosphere. I just didn't "feel" it.

    i know world of warcraft isn't the best game, but it was one of the best atmosphere i and in an rpg. fallout just didn't do it for me. gonna give mass effect a try.
  18. Mass Effect is listed as the only game above Half Life on best scifi games ever.

    Still, I have the trilogy box waiting...
  19. id love to be able to play mass effect for the first time
    do it
  20. Dead Forza thread is dead, but just a heads-up to FH3 and FM6 owners that ESL has another compo up in which car passes, cars, liveries and even real monies could be won and all you have to do is being fast in their weekly spec challenges. Full rules and schedules here.
  21. so whats up with motorsport manager
  22. why can't I buy NES Classic any fucking where
  23. yeah same here. they're all sold out because of these fucking preorder wankers
  24. fucking teenagers who don't have anything else to do than stand in line for hours

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