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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SmilinGoat, Jun 26, 2007.

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  3. That was the plan... 20gigs fazed out. 60 gig price drop. 80gig + Motorstorm faze in. All planned for release right away...
  4. How do you own a Mac AND complain about Sony pricing?
  5. Luke you are so full of crap. A $499 PS3 just says to consumers "oh hai, the $499 lower model is back". It'll get a boost from the hardcore that know that it's a better deal than before, but you honestly think casuals see $499 and think "OMG MUST BUY" ? Even the iPhone couldn't sell great at that price and it's got the Apple name attached to it.

    As for games, yes, Lair is teh suck (6.5ish) and Heavenly Sword is going to be a 7.5 on average. Even if Uncharted is a surprise 10/10 (which is pretty much impossible) the PS3 software lineup this Xmas is still the weakest of the three new consoles. Warhawk alone cannot carry the PS3. Galaxy and Smash Bros will sell Wiis like hotcakes. The 360 will have the most critically acclaimed software lineup this Xmas as well as a price advantage over the PS3, plus the leaked pictures of supposed $349 and $449 Premium and Elite bundles with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance will not bode well for a $599 PS3 + Motorstorm, or even a $499 PS3. That plus Microsoft will make Halo 3 the most heavily marketed game ever, going even further than they did to promote Gears of War, and we know how successful that turned out.
  6. Also, now that more of the major reviews are in, Bioshock has secured it's place as Game of the Year 2007.

    IGN - 9.7/10
    1UP/EGM - 10/10
    Gamespy - 5/5
    Game Informer - 10/10
    OXM UK - 10/10
    PC Gamer UK - 9.5/10
    CVG - 9.5/10
  8. teamxbox - 9.5

    you don't get more than 9.5 from teamxbox.

    Eurogamer - 10/10
  9. Oblivion made me an instant fan of action RPGs. If you liked Oblivion, pick up Fable so you can feed your action RPG fix 'til Fable 2.

    Its a little outdated, but after playing it, you'll have a much better picture of what Fable 2 will be like.
  10. When I mention "casual gamers" I'm not talking about the Wii crowd. I'm referring to all of the fence-sitters out there who are waiting for compelling reasons to buy a PS3 and/or Xbox 360. I'm talking about true gamers who want the next-gen experience, but who also need to feel that they're getting a good value for their money. So that either means the quality of the experience needs to go up, or the price needs to go down. And while some people may still think $499 is too much, saving $100 is still saving $100 no matter how you slice it.

    And I definitely do not agree that the PS3 will have the weakest software lineup this Christmas. I think we're all in agreement that the Xbox 360 has the best library, but I actually think the Wii will have the fewest "good" games by the end of this holiday season. Sure they may have the Big Three, but most of the other titles will be PS2 ports or games about underwater exploration.
  13. Your shit is getting old extremely fast.
  14. i know, everytime i take a crap, it inmediately erodes by the wind.
  15. Bioshock will get seriously good scores. I cant wait to play it on my friends system just to see what its like. Its very refreshing to see in a very tired genre.
  16. Any of the "big three" are far higher profile than anything in Sony's holiday lineup.
  17. Its achieves with distinction what Prey tried to do and failed.
  18. the sheer amount of work being put into Brawl and Galaxy alone iwll sell it to many people. I know several forums and some IRL friends who have been discussing getting a Wii for Brawl/Galaxy and several even for Mp3 coming out this month. they will move systems with these games. A lot of niGHTS fans are getting a wii to play niGHTS 2 and then theres the casuals who still want it for Wii sports. Beleive it or not demand still exists for that, and a lot of it. I have to admit even I am surprised by how in demand that system is. Im not surprised by the demand for bioshock though, and Im glad because I honestly thought it would be overlooked because of Halo 3. It deserves all the hype it gets seriously.
  19. I hear **WAY** more about Brawl from random casual gamers than any other game, including Halo. That game seems to really lend itself to speculation (online? characters?), plus they haven't worn the series out with too many releases (i.e. one per gen: I think +5 years since the last one which people STILL play daily).

    ...personally I only care about Galaxy of the 3: and am not counting it out either for "GOTY" vs. Bioshock or sales vs. Halo3...
  20. I'd be really surprised if it came close to Halo 3, let alone outsell it.
  21. GOTY- bioshock
    sales leader- Halo 3

    Mario Galaxy iwll come third to these games but will be a hit and Brawl will sell very well given a userbase as big as 360's. Its really hard to say how sales iwll go, but Halo3 has a ridiculous amount of preorders and Brawl is the sort of game people are most likely to pick up as time goes by on the wii instead of day 1. Personally Im hoping Metroid Prime 3 sells well because its bad ass and I cant wait to buy it, having enjoyed the series so far (as much as I can enjoy a FPS-like game)

  22. I'm suprised you hear more about Brawl from your casual Wii forum users then Halo. Shock.

    Halo3 gets 13x more press coverage on any site. for example. There is an update AT LEAST weekly for the last 6 months on new features/screens/video or whatever else. All I've seen on about Brawl in the last month is Sonic might be in the game.

    Do not be fooled. Nothing will touch Halo in popularity/sales.
  23. It is... but thats another thread.
  24. WILL get good scores? It already has.
  25. Halo3 will sell insane in North America: Galaxy has the whole world to sell to. Halo's also the type of game to sell crazy on launch, while Galaxy will have LONG legs if NSMB is any indication.

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