Game Thread XXVIII - Goodbye Midway

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fluchtwagen, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. I literally saw 80+ Wii's at my local Fry's on Saturday afternoon.
  2. The Wii is still selling on Wii Sports, Mario Kart and Wii Fit. It's ridiculous how many parents I see asking for Wii Fit everywhere.
  3. nintendo is pissing me off this gen, there is no reason to have supply restrictions this late in the game. they could afford to put a new factory in beverly hills and keep it profitable, there is no reason not put build a factory in china and make it so everyone that wants one can get one.
  4. I actually enjoyed Wii Fit quite a lot and I think it's easily one of the best pieces of software for the Wii.
  5. They have shitty forcasters
  6. a redneck from Nashville could have told them that the thing was going to continue to sell like crazy through the next few years.
  7. Wow, I never realized that LBP gets very hard towards the end but it's not a frustrating hard like Mario galaxy that's mostly cause by the 3d camera.

    The story mode is not for casual gamers.
  8. My girlfriend's mom asked me if I thought Wii Fit would be a good gift and I said it's probably alright. I hope she buys it so I can try it.
  9. I was hoping lots of fat lazy people would buy Wii Fit, get sick of it after 2 days, and then I could buy used on the cheap. That doesn't seem to be happening...
  10. The balance games are really quite fun, especially if you have friends over.
  11. GTA4 multiplayer is F.U.N! Mouse in left hand, 360 pad in right. Put your mouse to one side while your character is climbing into a car and enjoy the analogue triggers.
  12. Yeah... I'm stuck on the China levels trying to play through the entire story without dieing. Not easy.
  13. I might go rent LBP
  14. She also asked me about Wii Music, and I said avoid like the plague.
  15. Anybody have an iPhone in Canada? Is it any good for gaming? My mom might buy me one for Xmas, but I'm not sure if I want to pay the bill for 3 years so I might tell her not to.
  16. it is very expensive to keep an iPhone. i had one for 5 months before i sold it and purchased something else. the User Interface is brilliant, smooth, useful, and the features list is endless compared to any other phone on the market.

    the internet isnt as fast as other 3G phones ive used (hell i have an LG Vu and its faster, although it does not have the *real* internet)

    the thing that made me sell it though was not the cost, or the slow internet. it was the phone part. its a horrible, dreadful phone. i got dropped calls with full bars every single day multiple times (which is horrible when talking to 1 800 numbers, and annoying when talking to friends/family/coworkers) It wold also do teh weirdest glitches like when i would talk to people sometimes it would sound as if they were talking through a fan, their voices would be all choppy.

    gah i loved it as a device, but as a phone its just pure shit, and im not the only one that has had these problems.

    also, since i changed to the LG Vu (which im not a huge fan of either, as its like going back to a PS1 after having a Xbox 360 for 5 months) but i have had no problems on things like phone calls.

    also, the iPhone is amazing good for games imo.
  17. If I had to get a cellphone this Xmas, it'd be between Blackberry Bold and iPhone 3G. I'll probably get neither though.
  19. CoD WaW is basically a CoD4 clone but with WWII guns. You have the same unlock system with perks and guns I believe, and instead of calling a helicopter you call a wave of dogs.
  20. theres not a lot of things you can do to modify ww2 guns
  21. you're not a business man, get the iPhone
  22. iPhone doesn't have that must have game yet, as a platform it's got a ways to go.
  23. holy crap, tiger direct had a $150 refurb 360 last week, i wish i would have seen it would have got it for my nieces and nephew.
  24. I think I found a glitch in Forza 2

    I picked up an F40 a few days ago on auction house, what got me was that it was A class (they start in S) so i thought it would be a really good tune and possible handicaped by the areo gear, plus the paint was locked, so i copied the parts list on my own F40 and i cant get my own F40 into A class somehow

    Is there something im missing here or what? Ive never ever seen an A class F40 before I dont think
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