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  1. Go play online. That's where it gets awesome.
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    Read the first 5 words and face palmed.

    Also gfx:
  3. so you played bf3 on your shitty computer and it doesnt look as good as on the commericals?
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    It comes with a single player so the single player should be good too.

    And yes that part looks amazing, but it's scripted so that makes it easier. You can't walk around freely there.
  5. My computer is very far from shitty.
  6. goddamnit, why are all supercars r3 class. hate it.
  7. the best colour
  8. why does the 458 gt2 handle like a wet rag?

    doesn't feel like a racecar, doesn't sound like one either.
  9. Uncharted 3 is a lot of fun but Uncharted 2 was a better game from what I have played so far. They #$%#ed up the auto-aim lol.
    Also, I picked up the Sonic Generations game so hopefully it isn't complete shit. I like Sonic Colors so there is potential here.
  10. HEY

    If I buy BF3 for the PS3 can I use the disc to install it on my PC too, or is Origin super gay unlike Steam?
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  12. goddamnit not los angeles. most boring city ever.

    i want miami!
  13. yeah, i was kind of hoping for something all new.
  14. ya like miami isnt even more shitty
  15. vice city was the best gta.
  16. no that was san andreas. also voiceover sounds like the guy from goodfellas.
  17. it was probably the worst but im not surprised you think the opposite
  18. that's because you're a bum who has no good taste.
  19. ya keep em comming!

    i love your wrong posts!
  20. Looks like they're at least back to the less serious and more jokes with some of the bilboards and other shit on the trailer.
  21. LA is such a bad city, all sprawl
    If its all of california again like in san andreas that would be cool so there would be some variety in the landscape
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    Flying hummer from last night's soccer

  23. Reading up on it a bit, I think it basically is back to San Andreas. Notice the hikers in the mountains and all that... also it mentioned 32 players online console and 64 on pc

    Haven't seen a target release date/month yet though
  24. I knew it was going to be, like the Sesto Elemento you can make it S by making it RWD, but there's not enough leeway to make it a really good S. They should have expanded S to cover from 600-750 or something, I wanna race road going supercars against other supercars.
  25. shared this thing, also my real man's s30.

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