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  1. i don't like playing videogames on massive tvs because i cant see the whole screen at once which makes me suck.
  2. Yeah. I'm going to stop home and make sure there's enough space for everything, I'm sure there is though. If my Samsung wasn't spotlighting/flashlighting so greatly, I wouldn't even be considering a new set. Dude at HHGregg was really cool actually, let me mess with everything and hook different shit up etc. I'm going to bring in some blurays with dark scenes that pissed me off on my current set and if all's well, I might just say #$%# it and get me an early Xmas present. Bolt pattern fits my current wall mount so that's a gigantic plus.

    The picture is good. Not quite as jaw dropping as the 60" Samsungs, but it's also $1000+ less and 10 inches larger. I don't know. I've kind of been looking into projector setups for the man cave but I am le tired for things that require work like that.

    Looking @ LC70LE742U btw

    Also not 3D, but eh... it adds another grand to boot. I enjoy 3d films but not really enough to invest into the media & premium cable channels yet.
  3. 3d is a gay gimmick dont buy 3d anything
  4. LynxPinceau85 anyone?
  5. Gamertag? Never seen it before
  7. hemi
  8. i totally need a bigger screen. currently playing on like a 30 inch oldschool tv. can't read anything in the menu's.
  10. Finally did some online races for serious. My exige is sooooo nice but lacks power to win races.
  11. the new Zelda game is really fun/awesome.
  12. i have a 32" samsung 720p and for how far away i sit it's basically perfect. doesn't seem like you play much xbox so i doubt it's worth it for you, but someone like chris baller who's living the LifeStyle then yeah, worth it.
  13. i want that
  14. 42" is perfect
  15. Until you get used to a 60 inch
  16. a big black 60incher would be so right
  17. just getting used to my 72"
  18. i dont have a tv
    dont need or want one tbf
    i get all my alternative news from the net

  19. i have a 32" Toshiba LCD TV with 720p that collects dust in my living room.
  20. I have 2 24" LEDLCD monitors, shit's cash, need another monitor/2 more xboxes/wheel rig
    Then shit will be crispy cash
  21. someone post yhs gaming/iBrowsing/masturbation setup
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    Sounds like Homestar Runner if anyone else remembers that.

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