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  1. what a smart launch off it is
  2. whats a launch off? do u do it in a group?
  3. ok no wait, now my integrale is up
  4. i dont want to go to this launch off if i cant get my integrale up
  5. The arches on the 131 were annoying as ****
  6. wait? skyrim has an ending? i thought it was an rpg. rpg's should have an ending.
  7. but rocket go boomboom
  8. Skyrim ended. Turns out that it pays to be a good samaritan.

    Skyrim ended. Turns out that the whole thing took place in some kid's snow globe.

    Skyrim ended. Turns out that you were in purgatory the entire time.
  9. Seriously, feedback on the Abarth and Lancia gogo
  10. So FIFA '12 is pretty awesome.
  11. Doubtful.
  12. soccer is for little kids
  13. New Thread Time. Someone make one. I dont want to be associated with making a 60 page gamernerd thread
  14. I'm going to tell your irl friends about this p lafond
  15. some friend know about my secret life they wont care

    (but dont!)
  16. Do they know you had a beard off with a handsome man you've never met
  17. its not about the ending its about how u play the game
  18. no they did not they just know im always on this shitty site. I hope you like you poke <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  19. just touch dicks already

    and post pics
  20. havent played fifa since 2003. it's always the same ol' same ol'
  21. I hadn't played one in about that long, but my roommate bought 12 over the weekend, and it's a lot of fun, especially multiplayer.
  22. Kind of a shot in the dark but does anybody else play DCS A-10C?
  23. No it's not.
  24. yeah i do
  25. I just bought my buddy's PS3 off of him for $50! He had an Xbox and a PS3 and almost never played the PS3 so he sold me the console, 2 controllers and 5 games for $50. Hell of a deal.

    I really don't feel like looking through 60 pages of this thread so what are some games I should check out?

    I currently have:
    Guitar Hero 3 and 5
    Saint's Row 2
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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