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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by z28vette, Nov 28, 2011.

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  2. th e best game
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  4. Forza horizon looks like a shitty arcade racer from the videos I've seen.hopefully there is sim mode where the physics are like f4
  5. ya the physics arent there
    i was disapointed cuz i thought that was the point
    dont care about ANY of that if the cars dont drive like real cars
  6. low pressure
  7. forza 4 demo drove like a turd as well and you can turn all the assists off. pretty sure in all the videos ive seen, the assists were on. dan greenawalt said in an interview that it will be the same as f4 but with more surface types. i wouldn't be too worried.
  8. also, there will be barn finds in the game.
  9. the attitude looks retarded
  10. Oh look a turn ten insider

    Who woulda thought woot would get into a game this much
  11. I did read that they used the physic engine from Forza 4 , but tweaked it to match the style for more exciting driving, or something (paraphrasing). You also win by driving crazy to earn "fans" on your way to some festival. Sounds pretty arcaded out, but I guess who knows until it's out.
  12. There will be a massive dose of dubstep in that game. That alone is making me sick already.

    A festival like goodwood would have made sense not those lame ass giga music concert.

    Also whats up with the use of exciting driving as driving like an ass ??

    Even when I was 13 and playing midtown madness I was trying to get clean lines ffs.
  13. I agree with you that something like goodwood would be more awesome, but then again, this game isn't targeted at serious car fans, so i can understand the choice of a music festival with shitty dubstep. And i always thought TDU was amazing, eventhough the handling and car sounds were terrible. If the handling is a bit more arcady, i don't care. It will be great i'm sure.
  14. Midtown madness good times
  15. yeah midtown madness was awesome. i used to play 2 a lot.
  16. I bought both TDU and never got used to the handling. More than the handling I don't like traffic behaving and the objectives are shit.
  17. I had the demo of 2
    Got to drive either a mini or a mustang I think
    Payed the shit outta that demo
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    the survival insomniac game from last year looks pretty good too.
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  20. Stop posting those news I don't want to buy a new pc FFS :'(
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    Sony Announces Playstation Move Racing Wheel At E3

    Sony used E3 to introduce the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel peripheral, and so far it looks like everyone is mostly moved to say, "Hmmm." The 'wheel' is a round center section fitted with paddles (for shifting, say) and a set of plastic grips hung out to the sides, and the standard Move controller slots through the center. It looks something like Batman's virtual simulator for the Tumbler.

    It has force feedback, the grips fold out – again, batlike – to provide a grip like motorcycle handlebars and the 'throttle' actually twists, and Sony says it delivers "precise motion tracking for responsive handling of your vehicle." A freestanding accessory, you hold it out in front of you in the air, which could make it the right gear for those who look askance at the empty-handed XBox Kinect folks, unwilling to completely pretend they're driving a car in a video game. If that's you, it will go on sale this fall
  22. Bought something i think called killzone 2, it had Xploding barrels.
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    Looks ridiculous and you can't really use a wheel that isn't attached to something.

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