Garage Rendering

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  1. This is part of a big project I'm doing at school.

    I used AutoCAD Architecture 2008 to draw the garage(at 2400 sq ft house), 3ds MAX to texturize/lighting/shadows and render the scene, and Photoshop to put the poster on the walls of the garage.

  2. thats a pretty shit design there draper. also why is the McLaren parked sideways?
  3. what's shit about it?
  4. I know nothing about renderings and i could never make something this good, still i don't like it, it's a bit "cold" maybe, theres too much light?? but like i've already said i'm not an expert so it may be good, but i cant realize it.
  5. its every 4 car garage in a semi nice house ever made. its just not original, everyone has seen/been in a garage like this.
  6. it wasn't meant to be Jay Leno's garage
  7. i don't understand why the **** a PT Cruiser is parked behind an F1 LM
  8. Because I actually own a PT Cruiser and those were some of the only good 3D model blocks I could find. to use
  9. I can render better shit than you, literally<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. Who poops in a circular ice cream shape?
  11. It's a cultural thing man.
  12. i c
  13. cliche garage style
  14. lol @ PTloser
  15. Spend no time rendering the garage and more time replacing the PT with something good. Also, make it a garage inside a hollowed-out volcano.
  16. it's just a big room, there's nothing interesting about it.
  17. isn't that what a garage usually is?
  18. Yes, if you want to be perfectly ordinary. But why be perfectly ordinary?
  19. I could have left it like this
  20. I actually like this better.
  21. i'm not knocking the quality of your work - i just feel that the point of an excercise like this is do something a little bit fantastic/out of the ordinary/innovative.
  22. Hahahhaha

    Next on the list: Build a time machine to go back to 1997 so your shit work can be relevant.
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    What is the brief behind the project? Is it to create a unique look, accuracy, lighting, structural engineering...etc..

    I couldnt really critique(sp) it until I knew what its intended goal was.

    Btw, I would post it on for more constructive feedback... or better yet, a CAD forum.
  24. It's not creative, but it is skillfull. So props!

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