Garage Rendering

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  1. No one with an F1 LM would also own a PT Cruiser.
  2. wow ppl r rough
  3. LOL at this thread.
  4. great project. have you tried using Revit Architecture? its a very good program, imo its better than autocad in terms of architecture. heres an example of what i made in my ARC 2 class with revit.
  5. whoa I thought autocad was just transparent diagram sort of thing, hence why people kept telling me I'd be interested after seeing my drawings.
  7. Reminds me of this shit level editor program for Duke Nukem.
  8. cool
  9. I'd rather have those nondescript black cars with octagon wheels than a PT Cruiser.
  10. Came to post this.
  11. Thats awesome man, how long did it take u
  12. don't remember.. probably a few hours..

    heres another image.
  13. awesome man that is a sick gaming room.
    How did you model those cars?

    Do you have any more pics?
  14. those black cars are C4 corvettes, lol
  15. Wow I only looked at the bottom pic of them and they looked like hatchbacks.
  16. thanks!

    I designed it in about 2007 and I think I have deleted the program so I just have these two pictures left.

    I used 3d home architect design suite.. the cars and all the pieces are already designed I just designed the house and put everything into it.

    I want to do some more cad in the future for sure.

    the things chris draper is doing are a lot more complicated.
  17. try using autocad which is a very good cad program but its super expensive, theres a cad program called doublecad which is free and offers many of the same features as autocad. if your looking for more of an architectural program try revit which is an impressive program but also expensive.
  18. very nice vintage photos

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