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  1. When working on gauges for whatever reason when they are disconnected from the car, when you are reinstalling is it necessary to set the needles to a certain point before plugging everything back in? Like say, on the little tick things?

    The reason I ask is because my fuel gauge sometimes reads way more than a full tank and I recently was working on it. As well today I was helping someone install glow gauges, but once plugged back in, the idle was proper but when you revved it would go up then back down super slow and would stop moving at a much higher point than regular idle (when it definately wasn't idiling any higher at all).
  2. Well my prediction for why the idle was gimped is correct. I guess since he new guages you slide over the old ones it has reduced clearance for the needle. Lift the needle a little and you're good.

    But my original question still stands, should the needle be at the lowest value when installing? Or is my fuel sensor just off? I know from 1/4 of a tank I have about 500km on the trip, right now I have 1/4 left and I've only had 400km. So I can only assume it's still gimped, I'll fill up just in case to be sure though.
  3. Every fuel gauge on every car shows over full when its full.
  4. No like, ALOT over

    Edit: then it will stay way up here for a while then drop all of a sudden by a quarter of a tank then go down at a consistant rate from there. Before I took the guages out for the first time it never did this.
  5. I can go about 200 miles before my car shows that its full.
  6. Whoa. I forget what you drive now...
  7. He drives a VW TDI

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