Geely Ge , the Chinese RR Phantom

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  2. Why do you communist cars suck so much?
  3. hahahaha one back seat, this is hilarious, what a pile of garbage
  4. ron simmons like it
  5. That one seat doesn't even look comfortable, and lol at still having armrests in the doors.
  6. Geely Ge = Reely Gay
  7. I love how the interior looks like a typical South Korean attempt at luxury from the late 90's.
  8. haha how on earth do they get away with such blatant plagarism?
  9. I really like how arrogant the idea of that is.

    A #$%#ing throne.

  10. Hey want to go for a ride in my car? Too #$%#in bad peasant!
  11. I wonder how much it would cost.
  12. Seriously, the Chinese have no imagination whatsoever.
  13. are these people even connected with reality?
  14. 100% original desing
  15. I like it.
  16. it's pretty lol
  17. Its from sharing all the wealth.
  18. Its hilariously awesome.
  19. What a joke-most of the allure of having a rolls IS HAVING A ROLLS!
  20. I'll just out and say it

    hawt/ do want
  21. It's like they don't know what they're for.

    All I can imagine is two businessmen pulling up to each other in a parking lot and having a meeting over a teleconference because each of their cars have no passenger seat.
  22. what? one seat? how can i get my dick sucked by 2 hookers while snorting coke, need some space to have sex too
  23. The wife goes in the trunk.

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