1. Here's the shit layed out...

    Chevy have their Duramax
    Dodge have their Cummings
    Ford have their Powerstroke


    Now to put my case in point... Here's what I'm drilling at.

    Did you know that the Cummings company is owned and operated by Ford?
    Also, did you know that there have been different engines put in to trucks? For example Cat have the most powerful and most reliable engines on the market. Why do majority of the big rigs use cats? they got more power than any other company. Also, there are a few more diesel companies out there.. Detroit makes engines, as well as Volkwagen. The powerstrokes, as put in this ford, i have to say, are not the greatest. I am a ford fan to the bone, but Ford has gotta revamp their Powerstrokes. They are bad on fuel and not near the reliabiliy of a cummings. AS for magazines.. to hell with those editors and writers... You think you can rate a vehicle in one ride? lol, to hell with that... you have to ride it for months, years even to determine how well it performs. Also, did you know that a diesel increases hp to a certain degree as it gets worked it? Diesels are at their peak performance in the 150 k to 200k range.

    Just wait, as soon as Cummings' contract expires in 2006 with Dodge, the cummings will be in Ford. Then we shall see who is better. <!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: Get it right!

    Dodge also has their Magnum. While It is NA, It is still a very easy to maintain engine, comapred to a desil. Like the NSX vs the Viper. The NSX gets the same response as the Viper but the NSX has an easier to maintain V-8 compared to the Vipers V-10.<!-- Signature -->
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    lambo, i'm talking about diesels, not magnums.. they blow. magnums have heating problems, and their factory air intakes were restrictive.
    Diesels are the ultimate powerhouses. forget about gas. they got the speed, which diesel is getting better at.

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  4. Re: Get it right!

    nah powerstrokes and duramak engines are the kings of power and hauling it is not the truck that makes itself known..it is the engine
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    Where did you hear that Cummings was owned by Ford? Is there a site where I can see this?
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    he doesn't know what he's talking about, cummins is not owned by ford
    take it from a ford salesman.
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    and last time i checked the nsx had a v-6<!-- Signature -->
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    ford bought out cummings back in '00. my father was talking about it. and no, duramax cannot oust a cummings or a cat at that matter. but, camaro, just because you are a ford dealer, does not mean you know dick. i talked down a hyundai dealer. it was fun.. didn't know what he was talking about. i was

    a duramax out-do a cat? lol ! and then some... you do know what cats power eh? i'm talking about 210 hp to a whopping 500 +. no little duramax is gonna outdo that. not to mention the torque in their 500 hp's is around the 850 ft-lb mark. ouch, that gotta hurt. but dura's are outta the class, cats power big trucks, rigs, and trains (auzzie trains.. if you knew anything about diesel engines, you'd know what i'm talking about). that what i am in to. no little duramax, or powerstrokes.

    as for cummings, they are the most durable diesel engine, next to cat, that is

    you cannot talk about dura's being good... a diesel, as said above, do not hit their peak performance until about 150,000 to 200,000. if a duramax lasts that long, then i'll reconsider.

    oh, my boss had 650,000 before he had to redo the engine was a '92 turbo cummings 24v

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    he isnt a ford dealer hes just a moron. my uncle ran his 92 powerstroke 700,000 miles into the ground... then bought a 97 and has 300,000 miles on it. <!-- Signature -->
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    No, Ford does not own Cummins. They owned a minority position way back when of 10% but sold those shares and decided to put it's faith in Navistar. Right move IMO.
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    yo, it's cummings, not cummins first off.. and second, you'd be surprised at what the ford company owns.. aston martin and rover company to name a few, as well as volvo, jaguar, mazda, lincoln, and mercury...or at least a major shareholder, which is basically the same as owning a company.<!-- Signature -->
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    That's great. Ford doesn't own Cummings. But other then that what are you trying to say?
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    it doesn't matter if ford owns cummings or not, have you seen the small deisel engines they are giving out, 2L deisil 130hp. i mean god damn thats like gas engines and better fuel economy and they are soppusedly very refined. that is why 1 out of 4 ford cars are sold in europe is a diesel and thats why they have 8% market share and are growing to 9% this year(trust me thats a huge market share). now that they are bringing that tech over think of the next ford diesel in their big trucks.
  14. Re: Get it right!

    dam rights, dam rights... diesels will soon take over.... just wait.. better on gas, as much or more power out of simialr or smaller sizes... <!-- Signature -->

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