getting new rig!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by norco123, May 1, 2006.

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  2. DDR500... w t f.
  3. I though you were getting a truck or something.
  4. lol...
  5. ehh id ditch the opteron and go with the athlon x2 4200
  6. US-Dollah?
  7. Any reason why you went with the Opteron ?
  8. Yeah, that's a REALLY short budget.
  9. you should go with ATI, no name power supply, RAM, and motherboards, it will make it much cheaper.
  10. The opteron is way over priced. I just bought an AMD Athlon 4800+ Dual core with a gig of ram, nice video card, dual 7200RPM SATA-II 250 GB HDs in Raid 1 array for hundreds less than that.
  11. how much less? describe it all.
  12. now you can watch child porn in high definition.
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    Ok, so I just went to the place I got it and threw all the stuff into a cart. I went back and re-looked at his, the Video card is what put his a lot more. Here is my system

    Motherboards ASUS Asus A8N32-SLI DELUXE SC939 nVIDIA nFORCE4 SLIx16 Chipset DDR400 SATA Raid GBt Lan Audio ATX

    Memory DDR PC3200 1GB PC3200 DDR400 Samsung

    CPU AMD ATHLON 64 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 DUAL CORE RETAIL BOX w/Heatsink & Cooling Fan

    Hard Drives Western Digital Western Digital 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB SATA-II WD2500KS


    Cases ASPIRE X-GEAR Black 420wt w/ USB Ports Side Panel W/UV Blue LED Fan ATX

    Video Cards eVGA eVGA 256MB GeForce FX 5500 AGP 8X N313


    Shopping Cart Subtotal $1400.00

    However IMO a 4800 dual core is still way better than that opteron for most things. So this computer would be in the same ballpark as his if it had a more expensive video card, I think it'd be better.

    This is from a big seller
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    how this is hundreds less ?

    should have bought a better video card, check this link for proof :
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    please, do tell us how you managed to put an agp video card in an sli motherboard. that video card is worthless if you want to play games that arent already years old. not to mention, its physicaly incompatible with that motherboard, and there is no such thing as a pcie 5500 anyway. so you seem to not be telling the truth
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    are the prices in US on that unitedmicro site?
  18. Well, it's 118 less<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I got a pretty good motherboard too. The deluxe is about twice as much as some that have most of the same features. The reason I got a meh video card is because I don't play many games anymore. I mostly just work on the computer. All I really play are some ghetto old school games I like, and Counter Strike once in awhile. It does good for everything I do. I could always upgrade anyway if need to/feel like it.

    The one thing that pissed me off at the time (I dunno if it's still true) is that you can't get any mother boards for AMD Dual Cores that support DDR2. That made me mad, but like I said it doesn't really matter since it's such overkill for what I do on it anyway. My laptops sweet too. It's nearly as good as my desktop. Its an AMD Athlon 64 4000 (it's a 2.6 Ghz instead of a 2.4, but it's not dual core) with a gig of ram, 100 gig HD, 256 MB video card, DVD Burner, and a 15.4 inch display with some stupid "Bright Screen" or "clear screen" crap that makes the screen look good. SWEET deal too. It was only like 1200 bucks. It was one of the prefab gateways that was on sale at Best Buy. Best laptop for the money I've ever seen. I need to get a 7200 RPM drive for it though...
  19. yeah its in ohio, so i bet they are. my 'to be' comp is 1500 can, and i was able to get better ram and gfx and p/s. i made i comp and it came to 1367, not much cheaper for worse parts.
  20. but if I'm not wrong, 500mhz DDR is DDR2, and AMD doesn't support DDR2.
  21. First of all exer you are a retard, that video card is very outdated, the prices norco listed are canadian making the system about the same price.

    norco that system is pretty good for overcloaking, I would go with a segate HD though.
  22. Its DDR1, you can get up to DDR1 600, motherboards and stuff just don't officially support it.
  23. DDR500 is DDR 2. I didn't know his was in Canadian. The one he built is cheaper if it's in Canadian, and it's got better/more ram. Like I said you could knock off 100+ bucks (US)for a Mother Board comperable to his. But the one I build has more than twice as much HD space. But his has a better video card... So I guess it just depends what you want.

    I more or less built one for having a good multi tasking work computer. He's going for gaming it seems. I like having the Raid backup, and the larger 250 gig HD. Also my MB can support 4 SATA 2 Hard Drive internally (and strangely enough another one externally) all of them can be on 1 Raid array, or multiple.
  24. i see, i should be able to change the hard drive without problems, the site has lots of options.
  25. All I know is that you'll be rockin' rFactor at 1600x1200 with that bad boy. Good luck!

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