Girl's car!

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  1. What kind of self-respecting man would drive this?!<!-- Signature -->
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    a #%$got of a girl that used to be a boy that got #$%#ed on a sidewalk then liked it bought one
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    I would drive a talon. The eclipse is more chick car even thought they are the same.
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    I would rather drive an eclipse. There's some stupid guy at my scool with an "Uncle Ben's" talon with mitsu badges and decals. It's got a ten-foot wing, a bodykit, and a huge exhaust tip and nothing under the hood. That's what put me off talons.
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    i am a self respecting man and i drive a 97 eclipse GST spyder, most hte turbo models are owned my men, i rarely seen girls driving the turbo ones, i see alont driving non turbo ones though
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    Lots or self respecting men like me who are secure and know that what car you drive has no bearing on your sexuality or as a general rule which girls you are with. Unless of course you are going for the gold digger/ crack head/ hoe class of girls......

    What kind of self-respecting man is terrified of losing and needs a big block just to be sure he will kill all the Civics?
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    I agree w/ the turbo comment tho. come to think of it....I cant remember the last time I saw a girl driving a turbo car in general, sept when My girlfriend takes my 94 300ZX around.
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    Girl,s car? Let me tell you this: With just a small investment, a 1g DSM could kill almost anything you can throw at it. And whats more I reiterate on the fact that most Trubo models are not driven by girls you dumb#$%#!

    Side note: Talons are not imports persay, they just have import parts on them
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    Uck! This is a nasty car. Most women here do drive either Mitsubishi Eclipse or these Eagle Talons. The Dodge Viper is a man's car
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    and you determine a cars sexuality based on what?
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    who cares how he determines it¿ the Viper is just bad ass, for looks, and pretty damn good for power... skyline is kewl too...
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    The Eagle Talon is a sweet car. What makes you think a car's sexuality is determined by who drives it? I drive an NSx, not for girls, but for class, power, and comfort. The Dodge Viper, ummm, it, well, can't handle. I would grab a Talon or Eclipse any day.
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    theres no diff between tha eagle and and eclipse except 4 tha badges, and juz b/c ur a shemale dosent mean all other guys r, and hell i'd drive this car ova ne FMC or GM model, and theres no such thing and a girls or guys car, u thin a viper is a guys car b/c its "bad ass" girls like tha car too, so such ur mouth u self minded prick of a butt pirate-B*tch on wheels
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    Can I just say that everyone here needs to learn how to spell and type. Thanks.

    Oh and I think the Viper is a great car but too bad for me I don't happen to have $80,000 to spend on a car. So an AWD turbo Talon will work for me.
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    This aint no girls car. I see more chicks driving eclipses than anything else. Along with cavaliers and sunfires. But shit, Id take this car if i could. How many talons do you see that are turbo'ed? And i mean stock. Not added. Ive only seen 1. Thats it. So yea, id take this. Hell, most people didnt know this came turbo'ed
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    I just so happen to own a '98 Eagle Talon and I can guarantee it does not look like a woman's car. The only problem I have with it is the transmission. Could someone tell me why I have to double clutch second!!? Stupid transmission is falling apart. Seeing that the talon and eclipse are practically identical, I'm betting both have the same problem. Oh and in response to the last post, I have a 2001 cavalier and that my friend is one awesome ride!!
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    all these cars can lok great. Have you seen the fast and the furious! the green eclipse in that is awesome
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    do if u ever talk 2 ne one thas young prolly unlike ur self u'd kno tha we type like this so when we talk we talk in short terms, and so what bout spell'n, u little goody too shu
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    Actually the only peope who type like that on this site are really annoying noobs.
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    i'm a girl and i just happen to have a turbo'ed talon tsi awd! it was my first car and i love it to death! i would not trade it for anything!! (well unless i had about $200,000 to spend) ive raced a million hondas and NONE of them can even compare! my car is all stock and can kill almost anything you put it up against!
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    Gee that's funny, a female friend of mine owns a Turbo TSi and of the couple times we raced (with me driving my EF Chassis Civic Si) out of sheer fun, I've blown her away, both in acceleration, and on twisty roads, though in acceleration it's obviously her shitty driving skills that result in me winning.

    BTW - the NA Civic Type-R (both 1.8 AND 2.0) is just slightly faster than this in acceleration, as a race car overall, while the Talon is decent, the Civic is better on pavement.

    I think you overestimate your Talon based on your lack of experience.
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    1st of all i have 9500$ invested in my talon and i will eat up any 9500$ v8 on the road and most more expensive ones too.9500 is including the purchase price of 7000
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    You can run 10s with a 302 for $9500 including buying a chassis. I own a 1G DSM and can tell you are either full of sh!t or are seriously diluded about how fast your car is.

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