girls throws shoe at cop, cop beats her ass

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  2. Foaming is the most basic and fundamental post. I havent been on in a while so I decided to go back to the basics.
  3. JUST ICE!@
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  6. Sounds about right...

    Here is what you do. Calmly walk up to the officers ask for their badge numbers (in Canada, at least, the HAVE to give it to you), then inform them that you will be making a complaint, concerning breach of privacy, etc. Inform them that you realize it will go nowhere, but express your sincere hope that yours, and the multitude of other people's complaints will help insure that they never get promoted.

    The good thing about court rooms is that there are security cameras everywhere (not that they helped the girl in the video...) so if they flip out or really start tripping, they are just adding to their troubles for the day.

  7. Comin' straight from the underground
  8. she had it coming
  9. b1tch betta have ma moneh!

    no anyways, she was arrested in a stolen car, drove at night without lights. Later turned out to be her parents car she stole
  10. She deserved to be slapped with an open hand once or twice, but that was a bit much.
  11. what if there was a cane strategically placed by the door...... would a cane slap have been acceptable and possibly hilarious?
  12. I believe so. I'm sure she was being a totally annoying #%!@, probably saying stuff like "I'm 15 and you're the cops, so you cant touch me or do anything to me, so I'm going to throw my shoe at you and there isn't a thing you can do about it".

    Situations like that definitely warrant a fat #$%#ing lip so your #%!@ ass remembers that police are not to be #$%#ed with, and that is the wrong time and place to challenge their authority.
  13. Why would you be respectful in a situation like that? That's prime ass chewing time. They can't tell you to leave as you're required by a superior authority to be there. I assume you're smarter than they are, and they depend on people being afraid of their authority. That's when you start talking shit, when they respond with something stupid as they're bound to do, call them on it. You'll probably get a few laughs, just embarrass the shit out of them. Talk down to them, tell them they should be ashamed. I mean really, what are they gonna do? Take your phone, only to immediately give it back. Arrest you? For what?

    If they're breaking the law, call the most professional police force you can. I know that here the state troopers don't give a shit, if someone's breaking the law they'll let them have it.
  14. Matters of the court are highly influenced (usually) by quality of character. Getting into a verbal contest with court officers or bailiffs can be the difference between getting your date pushed and getting additional fines tacked on top.
  15. There was a similar incident near me where a minor was beat to shit and had half his teeth knocked out in a jail over nothing. To avoid being sued the state tried to take custody of the kid from his parents afterward.
  16. This is an ace idea.
  17. "made me realize that these guys are all just on power trips" - atomic2

    lol way to be an emotional girl saying stupid things
  18. deserves to be beat
  19. yeaH if he throws his shoe its over
  20. They can't impose additional fines for being an asshole to someone outside of a court room. You may not get courtesy, but that's a fair trade for destroying the ego of some cop on a power trip.
  21. They can't make up additional fines, but they can look for other offenses or penalties that were not applied because someone else was trying to go easy on you.

    The bottom line is that you're definitely not doing yourself any favors.
  22. After rereading his post, yeah, that's pretty much right in this case.
  23. The cop and W should start a support group or something.
  24. Dude, she was 100% ghetto trashbag

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