Give me Miata info!

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by bucknutz, Oct 27, 2006.

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  2. Mmmmmm me too. And a Monster Miata as well, because everybody knows small sports cars are always better when you cram a V8 into them.
  3. V8s are lame and boring. The LS1 is so overhyped on this site.
  4. An old lady down the road let me wheel her LS1 around the block on a trolley the other day. It was seriously unimpressive. I had so much more fun wheeling my SR20DET round the block.
  5. You could seriously handstand-walk faster than an LS1 can go
  6. LOL I can hop on one leg faster than a RB26DETT

    I will agree the LS1 is somewhat overhyped. But honestly the LSx V8s are really high up in the running for the best engine ever. Honestly. Price, power, weight. Probably the 3 most important things in an engine (aside from people who think engines have to be high strung revvers to be fun) and it does them all better than almost any engine out there. That to me is a good engine.
  7. Automatic gearbox? In a miata? That's so pathetic!!!
  8. why the #$%#is everyone talking about vettes ls1s rb36s etc.
  9. Beats the hell out of me. Someone or arother brought up the other engines. I think I brought in the RB via a shitty snide remark.
  10. It's lame.
  11. No. Justin Timberlake is lame, LS1s aren't.
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    1999. 51k miles. Hardtop for $500 extra. Garage kept. $6000

    If you don't buy that car, I will kill you and everyone you love. That's the same year/mileage as my car, I paid a bit under $10k, and I got a fair price.

    EDIT: And buy the damn hardtop.
  14. That's what I'm thinking. There's got to be something going on about it. Or else it's the deal of the century.

    edit: Hardtop AND winter wheels/tires for $500 extra. I'd be insane to pass that up.
  15. I was suspicious until I read he was moving. I'm still a little suspicious, and I'd obviously have a mechanic check it out regardless, but it's entirely possible it's a legit deal. Plus it's a Miata, there isn't a WHOLE lot that could be wrong with it anyway.

    EDIT: Buy the hardtop either way, and I'll buy it from you.
  16. Rockin!
  17. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. He said he just got $1500 worth or warranty work to it, which is also nice. And hell, even if I had to dump a grand or two into it to get it up to top-notch shape, I'd still be getting a fantastic deal. I already e-mailed him about it.
  18. Hardtop, sell, to me, etc.
  19. I'll use it this winter, then I'll sell it to you because I'll probably be moving down south. Deal?
  20. Sweet. I can remember seeing three second gen hardtops ever.
  21. I'll let you know when he e-mails me back.
  22. Sweet, that looks nice with the hardtop on it too. I love underpriced cars. I need to start buying shitloads of cars, keeping them for a year or so and reselling them for more than I paid. You could do it all day long. A guy I know pretty well does that, he's 22/23 and seriously has had like 30 cars or so.
  23. Seriously the most over-rated car on this site, i wouldnt be caught dead in one and each time i see a guy drive one on the road i lol to myself.

    Dont even bother trying to flame me on this, its my opinion and if you dont like it bite me.
  24. And you claim to be a guy that likes driving cars?

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