Give me Miata info!

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by bucknutz, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Actually, I'm happy you'd never drive one. It means no one's going to associate me with your retarded ass.
  2. Seems like you dont know the meaning to 'Over-rated'
  3. Seems like you don't even know what the #$%# you're saying.

    "i wouldnt be caught dead in one"
  4. Oh so there is a chance you would buy any car then?

    "OMG its handles so well" yeah thats because its got no power comming in, going through, or comming out of a corner.

    Like i said before, bit me. Then again, a bolding older person...miata is perfect.
  5. No, he's right. You're being an idiot. And it handles a shitload better than your wrong-wheel-drive Honda.
  6. Great comparison there.

    Wow you know alot about cars and shit
  7. Thanks and yeah, I kinda do.
  8. *bite*
  9. Well, you did claim that your car would outhandle a Miata, so I don't know where you get off telling him that's a stupid thing to say. Also, please note that power doesn't really mean anything towards how a car handles, so your comment about the Miata's lack of power (might I also point out its lack of weight?) is pretty #$%#ing stupid.

    EDIT: You also didn't know about adjusting camber when lowering a car, so you also fail when you say he "knows alot about cars and shit".
  10. Your first sentence doesn't even make any sense. Just because there's cars that I wouldn't buy doesn't mean that I "wouldn't be caught dead" in it. And regardless, it certainly doesn't do anything to disprove my point.

    Power has practically nothing to do with handling. Any car guy should know that. Or are you going to try to tell me that the Camaro SS and the Shelby GT500 handle well?

    You drive a goddamn sedan. Maybe a "sports" sedan if you stretch that definition far enough. I'm talking about buying a two-seat roadster. Who's really the boring one here? And aren't you older than me anyway?
  11. I love it when Ferrarista goes all gung ho, gives me something entertaining to read.
  12. He's like w00t. Anytime he disagrees with me about something, it just tells me that I'm right.
  13. He's also all anti-American for the sake of being one. If he was American he would be worse than Hemistage, like mega super #$%# yeah.
  14. He's probably actually the biggest fanboy on this site. Honda, Schumacher, Kodak, and anti-American.
  15. Ferrarista01 is basically an american.

    All he cares about is power.

    Let's see how much he likes that parallel?
  16. He e-mailed me back. Unfortunately for me, I'm leaving for your neck of the woods tomorrow (headed to LA) and I won't be back here until Monday. But I let him know that I'm seriously interested in it and asked for the VIN number and about any problems with the interior, exterior, or mechanics. I also told him that I wouldn't try to play around with the price if it's everything he says it is, so hopefully that will keep his attention. So we'll see what happens. But if it's anything close to what it seems, I'll totally buy it.
  17. Come down to SD, I'm bored/will have a lot of booze.
  18. When did i say that?

    Yes my car had absoutely nothing to do with my work requirments of having a big boot and 4 doors.

    If it were up to me i'd be in a S2000, but its not up to me.
  19. Power has nothing to do with handling? WTF

    Think entry and exit speeds
  20. SO a 4 door FWD car mid sized sedan that weighs 1400kg is a good comparison to a 2 door roadster?

    Your knowledge is beyond me, why didnt i ever think of that.
  21. Bro, a Honda Accord euro isn't faster than a miata in any significant way.
  22. Entry and exit speeds are not handling, they're entry and exit speeds. And an MX5 has enough power to get up to speed for corner entry.

    I guess power down coming out of a corner can effect handling, but other than that it doesn't have an effect. The 'handling' of an MX5 is about the balance, steering feel and japassion (or so I've read).
  23. Last time we were arguing about your "opinion" of the Miata, you said your car could handle at least as well as a Miata. No I don't have screen shots, but I do have a pretty good memory.
  24. Yes, but to me a good handling car is one that can take a corner fast, maintain mid-corner speed and have good exit speed while maintaing traction.

    Its alot easier to do that when your lacking power
  25. No, i said my car handles better than your ordinary FWD car..which it does

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