Give this car some respect!!

Discussion in '2002 Laraki Fulgura Concept' started by Adam Orrock, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. All everyone does is say, "this car looks like this" or this car is "a rip off". Give me a break! How can you not give any car with 720 horses some respect? Racist to where it comes from? 'Cause it's pathetic.<!-- Signature -->
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    i think this car kicks ass myself... i do think it looks like a Lambo, a 360, and a 550 in one... i guess thats what happens when you mix 3 nice cars- you get one DAMN good car. and who cares where a car is made? if its good then its good. i'm sick of how people who love american cars dis euro cars and people who love euro cars can NEVER give american cars a friggin' chance... i like cars from all over the world... dont say a car sux just because of where its from... the numbers and performance should be the only factor in this. just 'cause i like most american cars doesnt mean i hate ALL other cars in the world (although i have to admit, the only "ricer" i can stand would be an NSX). my fav. car is the viper but i also believe that ferrari's and other foreign exotics have a place amongst the car gods... "can't we all just get along?"
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    I am making a Laraki Fulgura for the game Need For Speed High Stakes.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey innotech, i was just wondering where u got your name from. Also, thats pretty sweet that u made that car on need for speed.

    Anyways, this car is beautiful and 720hp getting 120hp/liter gives me a chubby
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    i show this car plenty respect .... in the game nfs too hehe<!-- Signature -->

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