Give this car the respect it needs!!

Discussion in '2000 Koenigsegg CC' started by Adam Orrock, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car is friekin awesome. It can compete with the Bugatti's and Ferrari's. But a Swedish company? That's right. don't be stereotypical towards one thing or another. my guess is that this car is going to be in direct competition with all of the other "big" brands some day. until that day, we can all covet over it.....<!-- Signature -->
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    I love this car. It's got some of the best styling I've seen in a long time.<!-- Signature -->
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    styling isn't too overdone or underdone...but it looks like it's from Trekkie-freak's dream...they'd picture it with some sort of engines, the name of which is humanly impossible to pronounce, and the headlights would be replaced by some "super-duper antimatter plasma coaxial ion blaster cannons" or something like that...i see this and for some reason i picture a potbellied, pasty-white, oily-faced, thick-glassed Star Trek freak talking about his "shuttle"...<!-- Signature -->
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    and let me not forget to say it looks pretty damn sweet!

    even if it was some fat-assed Star Trek hick sayin "i sto' disheer shu'l from dat dea'er dahn dah straeet...doan chu dink she's purty?! Fry mah hide!" behind the wheel.

    and why someone like that should get to be behind the wheel instead of me is beyond me.....DAMMIT i want this car...but not over my life's love, the pagani of sweet dubious looks that most people have never heard of or seen.<!-- Signature -->
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    i think its pronounces CO-EH-NIG-SEG, but thats just me, its still my fav car of all time!<!-- Signature -->
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    yo RacePhreak13

    yeh i gotta agree about that trekky crap "whahey nyaaaargh i have a multistage retrobooster ion displacement projector conveyance replacing the engine lraaaagh"

    and with the pagani zonda...hmmm... its sorta different too... not as refined... this one is sleek as...
    the zonda is kool cos its so bloody outrageous!<!-- Signature -->
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    Personally, I agree with all of you. This car is one bad mother f*cker! I'm sure it will soon prove its self on the track. The only thing I'm not sure about is if it can compete with the new Bugatti's. They have always been my favs, along with this new Koenig, and I just have to ask, how does a luxury super sport compete with a 250mph, 1001 hp, Italian bad-ass like a a Bugatti? I'm just not sure what to think right now...<!-- Signature -->
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    dont worry koenigman, im pritty sure that the Drive article i was reading said that they are going to make a supercharged V12 version, which will wipe the competition out! <IMG SRC="">
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    i have a lot of stuff about this car whiththat dang a v8 wow i hope ford sees this and i hope they make a mustang,supra,corvette,comarro,and more and more cars whith the same engine. please agree????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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