GM loses 3.25 billion in Q1

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Apr 30, 2008.

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  2. Am I crazy that it seems I'm seeing way more new Ford and GM cars and crossovers vs. the Japanese that used to completely dominate?

    I suppose that isn't offsetting the pickups and SUVs that have gone off a cliff...
  3. pickup sales are still strong, though they dropped off a little.
    SUV sales went off a cliff for every brand except Land Rover.
    new Ford and GM vehicles ARE selling but Unions are still killing them. If the vehicles werent selling the losses would be even higher.

  4. God i hate Unions. The thing that really get me is that these workers in factories in the end have chosen the hands on, no smarts way in life. Yet, knowning they have a labor intensive career in front of them, they chose to complain and wine there way out until they get every pension, incentive, everything..
  5. GM needs whips and niggaz
  6. How much would that be in Uruguay dollars PandaBeat?
  7. there arent that many uruguayan dollars.
  8. GM should just get rid of everything and let Holden make all their cars
  9. GM is shit.
  10. Ouch, I thought they were doing the best out of the big 3
  11. nuff said
  13. Fords new boss that came from the airline industry is kicking some ass.
  15. +1 John Galt
  16. how much is GM worth, I dont understand you you can just keep having these huge losses and just absorb them quarter after quarter
  17. They have alot of cash on their balance sheet, > 20 billion. Although they had a loss of 3.3 billion, they had revenues of > 40 billion. Could be some major restructuring efforts? They have a large cash inflow from investing activities = could be selling off property/plant/equipment?
  19. BOB LULZ
  20. He is not from the airline industry.
  21. He was at Boeing, more like aerospace/defense industrial goods. Close to the airline industry.

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