GM Orders Sales Halt of Chevy Cruze

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  1. Does not give a reason why...

    General Motors has told dealers to stop selling some 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars.

    But the company won't say why.

    Dealers say stop-sale orders are routine and almost always made to fix a safety problem. They received the order in an e-mail Thursday, but no reason was given.

    The move comes as GM deals with fallout from a delayed recall of 1.6 million older small cars to fix an ignition switch problem. The company says the switches can slip out of the run position and shut down the engine. That causes loss of power steering and brakes and disables air bags.

    GM says the problem has been linked to 31 crashes and at least a dozen deaths.

    Spokesman Greg Martin says he has no details on the Cruze.

    -- The Associated Press
  2. had a Cruze, or Cobalt once in 2007 for a rental thought it was a nice car, interior wasn't a puke fest and the throttle was great.

    It just sad it now kills people
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    Chevy Cruze Recalled for Cracking Axle Components

    Dealers were told to stop selling the Chevy Cruze last week with no explanation, but now there is an answer.

    General Motors has announced that it is recalling about 172,000 Cruze models from the 2013 and 2014 model year equipped with 1.4-liter turbo engine, to replace a right front axle half shaft that can fracture or separate. The interconnecting tubular bar does not meet GM specification. If it does break or separate, the car will retain brake and steering control, but it will lose power.

    GM knows of several dozen half-shaft fractures, though they say no accidents or injuries have been the result of this problem.

    Last week, the brand ordered dealers to stop selling the cars so they could be inspected, and this recall is the result of that inspection.

    GM is in the midst of a recall investigation after the brand called back about 2.6 million cars for a problem with the ignition switch that has been linked to a number of deaths. GM CEO Mary Barra will testify on Tuesday before Congress about the delays in the recall process. GM first knew of the issue in the early 2000s, though the company only recalled the cars in 2014.
  4. That on top of the new recall of cars equipped with electronic power steering that just put out today..
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  6. not a good month for GM.
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    GM quality

  8. GM is screwed
  9. wasn't there a "feature" in a lot of GM cars that let you remove the keys from the ignition and the engine would continue running?

    I'm so glad we bailed out this company

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