GMC Trucks to get minivan in '09

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MuscleCarHeart, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Good to see them expand a little.
  2. Great, just what GMC and all the other GM brands don't need. Another Minivan or quasi-SUV.
  3. GM sucks.
  4. this should be interesting. i hope it looks nothing like the piece of shit montana SV6 or the uplander.
  5. Yay??? Oh, nope... wait... GAY! That was the word I was looking for, not yay. Gay.
  6. WTF? so 5 GM brands will have a minivan, I thought they were going to change their ways not make it worse.
  7. Dude, it's GM.
  8. I don't think so, the Saturn, Buick, and Pontiac vans I believe are slated to be droppred when they redo the vans.
  9. yes, three of the vans are going away.
  10. GM minivans sucks.
  11. gm sucks except for the ls1 and other v8s
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  13. GMC already sold a version of the Astro all teh way up to last year... So them having a minivan is not even SLIGHTLY new.
  14. Same van, just a different brand. Same crap. GM is SO going to die with this kind of strategy.
  15. Yeah, reducing the number of rebadged vehicles is an awful strategy.
  16. That's not really a minivan.
  17. obviously you SO missed reading earlier where GM is droping 3 of their mini vans...such a tard.
  18. dropping 3 and adding one = dropping 2, even if it's a different brand
  19. There will be a Chevy version and a GMC version, and to the best of my knowledege I can't think of a single Chevy/GMC dealer, however the Buick, GMC, and Pontiac dealers are all one dealer now (that's correct, yes?) so in reality it's not a bad idea.
  20. if they are one dealer, why not just make them one brand?
  21. Because they specialize in different genres of vehicles.

    GMC = trucks
    Buick = entry-level luxury cars
    Pontiac = sporty cars
  22. Let Chevy sell the trucks, and then either get rid of Buick or Pontiac. Toyota is geting very close to overtaking GM with just 3 brands, not 8.

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