God damn autos

Discussion in '1999 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR' started by 4 the man, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Why the hell does mercedes have to make all there frikin cars with automatics. Automatics have no place in sports cars, and this would be a complete supercar if it wasn't for the frikin auto. The only thing close to an atuo this thing should have would be an F1 shifter.<!-- Signature -->
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    f****** right! hang all those suckers and pansy drivers who've made autos so popular! A premium sports car with an auto shift?! That's nothing less than sacrilege!
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    the only reason why automatic is not preferred is becuase of its slow shifting mechanism. i'm sure that this shifter would shift instntaneously. i would prefer a 6 speed sequential shifter though. i really dont get why the hell this is a supercharged v8. i've heard that the car is supposed to have a V12.

    besides BMW is making the m2 which will rival the mclaren f1 and beat it probably.

    mercedes benz does make two cars that dont have automatic or three. yah

    benz clk-gtr
    benz clr
    benz clk-GTX
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    supercar's info is either wrong or they didn't mention that this car has an advanced auto tranny. There is no way in hell this car has the standard automatic transmission found in thier other cars.
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    It probabilly has an advanced technology auto, but it's still an auto. In my opinion it's sad what Mercedes is doing to it's sports line. The way it's going soon there will not be any manual mercedes, despite the Semi-automatic ones. It looks that this car won't have manual even as an optional as well the actual MB top-of-line sportscar, the SL55 AMG. I think there's no problem in offering autos, as well many people prefer them, but not offering manuals in my opinion is stupidity.
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    Quote from blaze4eva:

    besides BMW is making the m2 which will rival the mclaren f1 and beat it probably.

    hey dumbass...the m3 doesnt come close to the mclaren and the m5 doesnt come close either. and for bmw, the higher the number the better and faster the car. the m5 is supposed to get a v10 soon and it still wont come close. also bmw is supposed to make an m6 and m7 sometime soon. those wont rival the mclaren f1 either. the F1 is a million dollar car. it goes 240. the only companies that have a chance at competing with that are ferrari, lambo, saleen, bugatti, and other makers of supercars.

    oh and back to that thing about the m2...there isnt even a 2 series and there isnt going to be anytime soon. there is going to be a 1 series and a 6 series
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    I'd like you to prove that they are going to make an M version of the 7 series, because I've heard that they will absolutly not make an M version of that or the X5. BMW could easily make a car that would out-do the McLaren in every aspect. But since thier V12 motor powers the McLaren I think they don't see the need the blow the McLaren away. If you are going to talk shit you need to back it up.
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    AMG puts autos in all their cars
    M puts manuals in all of theirs.

    It sort of sums up the difference between the two companies. Also, the 6 and 8 series have been around for a long time. There was also an M1 a long time ago, the first BMW M. now, maybe this M2 is not a mistyped m3, maybe it's the successor to the car that was the grandfather of all the great Ms that have come since. I hope so!
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    blaze is right. they are in the process of developing a modern version of the m1. no kidding no m car on the road today could take on a mclaren f1. then again can u name any car that can?
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    Hotboxer i love ur quote, that is sooo true. ha ha
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    Not quite true, brudda. I myself have driven the automatic E36 M3 sedan.

    Merc has done all sorts of market research on this subject, guys. It' not like they are doing business by sticking their heads in the sand. Out of all AMG customers surveyed, only 5%(!!!) said that they would have CONSIDERED a manual option. They are meant as comfortable executive GT cars, not as balls to the wall sacrifice all for performance sportscars. That is their niche and they are making quite the tidy profit exploiting it, thank you very much.

    I can understand the joy of having a manual in a comfortable GT car (ala 456 GT, M5, 928). But face it, the majority of customers of those cars prefer the auto (XKR, AMG, Impala SS, 300M, LS V8), especially now that pretty much all of them have manumatic transmissions. It might not be our choice, but you have to recognize the market they are in...
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    I agree real bad move by mercedes if i buy a car like this i would want it to be standard u don't buy a car that looks like this to have a five speed auto.
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    I believe he was referring to the BMW exotic (which has been mistakenly referred to in the press as "M2", owing to its spiritual predecessor, the almighty M1), which sould bow sometime in '03 or '04. It will be a mid-engined two seater, with 5.0L V10 based on BMW's Formula One engine.

    Get your shit straight before you start flaming out on people. Nobody likes a know-it-all.
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    heres your BMW M2.
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    heres your BMW M2.
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    heres your BMW M2
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    This Mercedes/McLaren doesn't have an auto like the one in a Dodge Neon or Toyota Echo. It is like Ferrari's F1 shifter, ie. paddles behind the steering wheel for gear selection(kinda like a real F1 car). It will also have plenty of high-tech features. Trust me, whoever buys this car will not be disappointed. PEACE OUT!
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    i don't care if its an auto or a manual, its a damn fast mercedes, and i like it!!
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    i dont care if its an auto or a manual, its a damn fast mercedes, and i like it! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>

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