Going Fast for Cheap: Car and Driver top 5!

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  1. I know you will think its bias but for this test the Cobalt should have won ... it may not be the best car of the bunch but its the best balance ... it dosn;t have the best interior but its far from the worst (Dodge) its not the fastest (dodge) but its up there its not the cheapest but its close to being (Ion) no other car in the group offers the best mix of what the cobalt does ...

    when you consider what you get for the price against these competitors the cobalt offers allot more particularly when you look at price

    and stubbs you know I am not that bais towards my car ...

    lol at Ferrarista, I think I will just ignor the biggest honda fanboy on this site of course you think honda should win.
  2. HAHA ya, i see what you are saying, and there is no way the RSX should have one a test dubbed "cheap Speed", although sure its a great car, but no it shouldnt have one.
  3. I go by manufacturer HP. Namely because the people there aren't idiots. The RSX (type S) advertised a max of 210hp. I'd be surprised if the actual amount was any less than 200. 200 is close enough to 205 to be "comparable". The Cobalt has 205hp. I don't consider 5hp to be "allot" (sic).

    Speed and cost are two facotrs. C/D has about 20 they consider when ranking cars. So it's a little light on low-end grubt, that isn't a crime, especially since the engine and gearbox are very sweet to work with.

    READ THE ARTICLE!!! You know, the "wordy" bits that fill the spaces between the pictures.
  4. Ok I get it you are an idiot .... I know these cars ... you apparently think you do ... those are advertised HP numbers ..like I said stop reading the brochure you might learn something

    the Cobalt's HP rating is very underrated ... it says 205 BHP but that's underrated likely for insurance. Most dyno 210 to the wheels & 200 Tq (thats a conservative number many dyno in the high 230 range). I know you are slow so I will say again TO THE WHEELS. for comparison sake a rsx would put down in the range of 175 you do the math .. there is a big difference in HP and TQ

    thank you for telling me to read the article involving my car in a magazine I have a subscription to ... you think I havn't read it, you think I don't know how they rank. You seemingly no nothing about these cars aside from what you read in print ...there is allot more to it than that ... I wont continue this since it is apparent you have no grasp of the cars involved.
  5. I rode in my freinds SS, it was pretty good for what it was. Its nothing amazing though, it lost to my LT1 trans am in horrible running order.
  6. SS/SC ?.... I usually have no problem with LT1's ... but street racing anything can happen ... I can show a vid of the SS/SC stock beating an NSX repeadidly , the RSX is no comparison performance wise.
  7. No, im lol'ing at you not the results
  8. Yeah I got that moron ... I dont care what the honda fanboy thinks in a test where a honda won ... if this thread was about the Accord Euro/VETEC plates you would be trying to set the record straight too.
  9. aww did i upset woo
  10. Going by what manufacturers claim is like listening to the drunk girl at a party tell you shes a virgin.
    They rate them at a certain level for a reason, sometime being insurance, or not wanting to step on the toes of the higher up models. For example GM rates the Camaro Z28's LS1 at 310hp, but in reality its making (like all other LS1s) 350hp give or take.
  11. uhhh no ?? you havn't even made a point yet,
  12. i would vote:

    1. Subaru
    2. Dodge
    3. Acura
    4. Chevrolet
    5. Saturn

    AWD + Turbo 4 = win
  13. most vehicles come very close to their advertised hp ratings. Yes, the Japanese tend to be slightly inflationary, but 200hp is not unreasonable to believe. The car's performance doesn't indicate otherwise.
  14. I'm the idiot here? Hahaha. No. I'm not staring at the advertising brochure, I'm going by published figures in a major publication, apublication that has exposed inaccurate hp figures in the past. Therefore, if they're satisfied with the manufacturer claims, there's no reason for any of us to be suspicious.

    There's no law stating where you have to measure hp. If GM wants to be clever and underrate the Cobalt by measuring at the wheels or just plain lying, fine-but that doesn't in any way prove that the RSX's figures aren't 100% correct...IDIOT.

    The phrase "your car" pretty much says everything anyone needs to know about why you're such an idiot.
  15. With LT1 f-bodies and PI mustang gts agains ss/scs itsa drivers race.
  16. Pi mustangs would have to be modded to keep up
  17. Thats the order I'd pick them in also.

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