Good car, very better wins.

Discussion in '2004 BMW M3 Competition Package' started by AudiAG, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. I guess this car is made for the Grand Touring competitions, and if gets homologate by FIA too, he can get not just some victories, but the Championship of every category he will race.
  2. umm.. CSL anyone?
  3. what?
  4. that's the same reaction I get
  5. I think this is supposed to peform and be priced between a standard M3 and CSL.
  6. hate it... nothing special, just another BMW with luxory wit wannabe speed. do one or the other. not both
  7. Contrary to that opinion, this car was very well designed in the fact that this M3 is more focused on its handling capabilities than its raw power.

    And besides, how can you hate an M3?
  8. yet the M3 wins all kinds of rewards

    Porsche wins nothing

    you are a n00b
  9. 50K for a piece of Bravarian junk? not when the C6 is availiable for $47K and will easily outperform it.
  10. Where YSSMAN? The CSL outperformed the Gallardo, the Porsche GT3 and a bag of other badass cars around the Nordschleife. I can't imagine the C6 outperforming this car on a track, nor beating it in quality.

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