Good Luck Lewis Hamilton 2016

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  2. He doesn't need luck. He is blessed by God.
  3. As much of a twat as some people think he is, my god I want his life. He's not much older than me, either!

    I want a bright red private jet, too.
  4. guy has talent and he loves himself.

    hes like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character in the car he is really dominant but out he is quite submissive and weak.
  5. I'd definitely have an ego if I was a three time world champion.
  6. good point. got to give the guy credit he has earned everything he has, plus the lifestyle which goes with the job. he dresses a bit strange though and I think hes comfortable showing his feminine side because his job is almost the definition of manly. thats what I think people have to fault him by plus they are jealous of his money and lifestyle.
  7. He's very "à la mode" but I wouldn't say what he wears is strange. He's no Grayson Perry. He's just a fashionable guy. There's nothing feminine about wanting to look good and wear nice clothes. If you had two hundred million quid like he does, I doubt you'd be slobbing around in trackies and a wife-beater would you?

    He's just a young guy with more money than anyone will ever need in multiple lifetimes, spending it how he wants and living a life with seemingly very little restriction - at least off-season. I think most of the slagging off he gets is just jealousy, I agree. You hear some say he's not concentrating on what he's paid to do, but with the track record he has already I think he's concentrating well enough and has earned the right to do whatever the hell he likes.

    People can go off on one about him being on the covers of magazines and posting posed pictures of himself on social media, but for all they know he may be trying to build a "brand" around himself which I reckon is pretty sensible as it stands. When he eventually does retire from F1 he's already laid down some building blocks in another industry which could at least give him an option or two afterwards other than sunbathing in monaco until he croaks. At least it shows that he's not a boring-as-#$%# one-dimensional racing driver like so many are *cough*NICO*cough*. He's had a taste of A-list celebrity and I don't blame him for wanting to keep his foot in the door. Holidaying in Barbados with Rihanna? I don't even like women and I want to do that.

    James Hunt is revered by many not just as a great driver, but as the ultimate F1 playboy. A smoking, drinking, womaniser of a man, but now people love him for it. Lewis is so tame in comparison, yet he gets abuse thrown his way? It makes no sense to me.

    In 30 years when the rose-tinted specs come out, people will have completely forgotten all the petty bullshit about his earrings and hairstyle, and assumptions on his character (through what they've seen on Facebook and Instagram), and remember him for what he's achieved. It's just a shame that people aren't doing it right now in real time, as he continues to add to his trophy case.
  8. well said.

    I agree about him just creating a brand .. the whole sport is about image and what he is doing goes with the territory. If he can get publicity by going to fashion shows and events then he will because hes promoting his image and merchandise... just like all f1 drivers and teams try to do and a lot like the brand senna which hamilton is copying... they are in the wealthiest sport in the world F1 and making money is what the sport is all about.
  9. Lewis is a straight up beast and deserves the lifestyle he enjoys. End of story.
  10. For as far playboys go, I would say I'd prefer Eddie Irvine over James Hunt. But that's all because of attitude. Back when Hunt was a sidekick on television, long ago, he contributed absolutely nothing but calling everything and everyone shite. Whereas Irvine seems to be genuinely nice and able to take a joke too.
  11. Yeah listening to Hunt's commentary on old F1 races, he sounds like an absolute bore with his monotone. Obviously that wasn't the case in person though, or at least with the ladies.

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