Good styling, but very weak

Discussion in '2001 Edag Keinath GT/C' started by JapanAir, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Power is needed because this thing moves slower than a tortoise with no legs...
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    dude..... who gives a #$%# if its weak or strong?! it looks pretty cool and thats the main reason i would want a car. i dont give a shit if its weak or strong!

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    Looks pretty cool??? Haha, you could buy a $2000 car and put a really nice looking body on it, and the car will still suck. This car is not powerful enough, especially for a v6 in it. If this put out about 300 horsepower, it'd be a nice car.
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    This thing is beautiful, very simple elegant styling, and if the price was around the 30 - 40 k (canandian) that's like 20-27 grand USD it would be be very nice, you could slap twin turbos on this and get your BPH in the decent 300's or get the V8 model for like 3 k more, anyway, beautiful car.
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    Didn't you read? It says that a V8 is being developed. Well, how bout a V12?
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    The styling is the main attraction with this car. It looks like parts of and Aston Martin Vanquish and a Ferrari 550. Also as some one said before, a v8 is being developed though a V12 would get it up there with AM and Ferrari, just my opinion.
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    How is this car slow? Considering it's power-to-weight ratio it's repsectably quick? Jesus H. Christ, why is it that so many people here seemingly need every car to have the ability to outrun an F-14 being shot from a steam catapult and be able to break 200mph?
  8. I agree
  9. I agree
  10. I agree
  11. Because it's called Not

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