Good thing they didnt make it

Discussion in '1989 Ferrari Mythos Concept' started by 2Fry2, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Dont get me wrong,it looks amazing,but they'd be copying their old rivals at lamborghini
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    yeah, it doesn't look Ferrari, it looks fine, but noting more than that.
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    it looks exactly like a diablo 6.0 with a wing..hehe
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    actually, they did make it. but only a few, i think, maybe four or five.
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    First of all, the Diablo probably hadnt even begun as an IDEA whne this thing was made and second, only one was made that actually works.
  6. diablo was an idea in 1986 when lamborghini set about to create the 'super countach'...while ferrari used the car for nearly a decade (even some enzo features can be attributed to it), as a whole design it was not ferrari. But it sure had some good styling ideas. A super ferrari that was open cockpit, and those expansive door vents that became a 1990's Ferrari theme, and in the F50's case, look totally ripped from the Mythos. It had a lot of characteristics and design flamboyance for which ferrari is known, but as a whole lacked resemblance to the rest of the family.
  7. The sultan of brunei has everything! Everywhere I look on this forum, there is mention of him owning this car or that. I wish I were him! By the way, the performance is uninspiring, even for 1989.
  8. Lamborghini doesnt show how a new car should look like!
    And this doesnt look like a diablo. the Diablo is uglier, this have a wing, and this have frontlights that dont look like Diablos at all.
  9. Look at these pics. So do they really look like?

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