Gorgeous new Lincoln MKZ

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SaintMediocre, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. But at least a modern Lexus doesn't look like it came from the junk yard.
  2. How on earth could they make this and not have it RWD. Ford needs to die if this thing really comes out FWD.
  3. Because that would require developing a rear wheel drive chassis. Instead, just use the chassis from another Ford product, save a bunch of money and end up with a crap result. I'm pretty sure this is based on the Volvo S80's platform.
  4. Crap. Why do this pull this. Just get a freakin RWD platform going and freakin make it. What is this huge thing with GM and Ford. Like a said a while ago, they used to be some of the best at RWD. They talk about it like its new or something. I no cost, but still, you change the tranny, add a drive shaft and a proper rear and bang, you once again have RWD.
  5. Because designing a new RWD platform would take many years and MANY millions of dollars, and money is not exactly in excess at Ford at the moment.
  6. Steal the Jag XF's?

    And going off this comment, that means theres no hope for the Interceptor doesn't it?
  7. I believe that was awarded to the Dodge Charger.
  8. Gorgeous my left testicle.
  9. until the interceptor comes out.
  10. I like it except for the front

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