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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 962RACER, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Very true.

    Look i understand, but what im saying Sony of the past is nowhere near the sony of today, they are just another electronics manufacturer ie the name doesnt mean much anymore. They make just as good quality products as everyone else on the market - they are the superpower they used to be.
  2. Personally ide go for a Panasonic, and thats based on experience with the products.
  3. Your camera sucks. You should have bought a $1,900 SLR instead. My dad said he'd totally buy one if I got all Bs in Jr High School.
  4. This house is stacked full of Sony stuff, from big tv's to small ones, DVD players to VCR's. Even several discmans, walkmans and AM/FM pocket radios to a couple of digital cameras and a video camera. I know I'll keep buying stuff from them so long as they keep making products to the level they're still doing today.
  5. Unless you go for the top of the range, you will never be a good photographer. Even if you only want to take shots of friends, pets and things you've bought to post on the net, you still should buy an $8,000 Canon.
  6. You all fail, I have the Sony VISA card. It was offered at Circuit City like 4 years ago. Basically it's a standard VISA but buying stuff gets you points you can redeem for free Sony stuff.
  7. i bought my camera with my dads lunch money and i use it as a paper weight.

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