Got to drive my friend's skyline today

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by fully hectic, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Speed - 10/10
    Power - 11/10
    Luxury - 9/10
    Looks = 10/10

    Overall = 40/40 !!

  2. Its an $8000 dollar first car you asshat. An R34 GT-R is better than anything from AMG. Yeh I said it.
  3. You are an asshat for saying a 34 GT-R is better than anything from AMG...
  4. I was just baiting him.
  5. Care to post pictures of your alleged CLS?
  6. Eight thousand dollar dollar?
    Everything about this post is just wrong.
  7. Haha, 12 year old's don't own Mercs.
  8. i no wut u r talking about m8, ur cls is cool aye
  9. WTF m8!!!!!! skyline has turbo and and big HP LITIRE amg has big unefishiant V8 and big seats for fat slobs lolololool owned n00blar.
  10. stfu r1cer!!!11 u no dat cls wud kik ur ass n e day of da week i shud bash ur hed in oloollolololowtf
  11. I wish I had a $8000 first car when I was at school. Kids these days...don't know how lucky they've got it.
  12. He worked hard at KFC for that money, for the good part of 2 years. He still works a few shifts a week to pay for petrol.
  13. $8000 these days is equivalent to about $450 back in your day.
  14. nah get outta it manz dont chew noe about da RB26DETT RB StanDz 4 RACE BRED cos it is da best ingin in da hol JGTC SUper GT1 racerZ in da JDM homeland. Fckn noob dat amg as got nuffin MerceDes rnt evn in da SUPER GT. NISSAN 4 LYFEW.
  15. Mercs will own any skyline? I would LOVE to see an A class against any skyline.
  16. this guys sounds a lot like burner, but not as fat
  17. Nismo Z-Tune > Mercedes
  18. Correction, he said his mate had an $8000 dollar car. I'm still trying to figure out what that means.
  19. Noob Z tune is modded it dosnt count. lolol
  20. He bought it for $8000 dollars Australian.
  21. Just because its faster doesn't mean its better.
  22. True, but the fact its better means its better.
  23. No $450 in my day would have bought a clapped-out escort...which explains why there were a lot...
  24. the skyline is the greatest street tuner made hand down

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