Goth scratched my car, I broke his face

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Igol F40GTE, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. Thinking that you have such priveliges as not letting people quote you on an internet forum is incredibly naive. Get over yourself, and quit trying to make IGOL look bad to make yourself look like some beacon of rightousness and logic. I'm 17, and if I did in fact scratch someone's car or park my ass on it or deliberately pick a fight with someone, I would feel lucky to get off without having to pay for anything (like my own medical bill).
  2. lol i agree with you.. and actually there's a lot of things wrong with my camry.. one power window scrolls down slower than the rest.. my trunk can't be opened with a key ever since someone stole everything from it.. the door handle from the inside of the passenger door doesn't work.. casette player doesn't work.. radio has static on every channel.. the back driver's side door doesn' keep the interior light on when open... and i'm sure there's other things i haven't found yet.. this is so sad.. lol
  3. Classic
  4. Lost your password?

    #$%#ing FireRed. She was mental. I bet now she's a crazy Tumblr SJW going round shouting at every white man to check their priviledge before getting triggered by the next thing anyone says.

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  5. Also as soon as I got to the bit about the spiked collar I stopped believing the story in its entirety.
  6. Haha I saw that woman on a youtube video... #$%#ing crazy #%[email protected]

    If FireRed was anything like that, wow.

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