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  1. this car kicks ass it just needs a bit of the insides changed
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    True. I also think there shouldn't be an open space just behind the front tires where the air extraction vents are. See what I mean?
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    Yea top seed is supposed to be around 200 mph
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    do u now how many babes i can get in this
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    this is gorgous... this should have been what the F60 resembled
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    One of my many Dream Cars...the kind of car you would see at a Concourse D'Elegance, constantly being poured over, and ogled by the many classic car afficionados attending..the kind of car that could quicken your pulse in an instant, and leave you desiring a long, winding open road..the kind of car that if you were dreaming about classic Mercedes, would stick with you, and leave you begging for more curves, and long, open highways for many dreams to come...the kind of car that with a simple turn of the ignition and rev of the engine would inspire images of LeMans, or many a previous European GP race, hugging the hairpin turns, blasting down the straightaways, shifting through the gears with precision, and smiling with every crescendo of the RPM's
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    This is quite possibly the most beautiful Ferrari have seen in my entire life. They should build this, this would be really impressive.
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    heres a 360... and heres a 360 on crack.
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    this car is awesome, it looks soo aggresive in the front styling and the interior is soo different! - its a great car - pity Ferrari didnt produce some
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    yea, its pretty damn beautiful...way better than the enzo...i love it.
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    Absolutley stunning. Well done Pinninfarina. This car captues the look and feel and the vintage open top Ferraris ie: the 250 T/R "pontoon fender" with a good touch of moder design cues and of course a timeless front engine- rear drive platform with a peerless ferrari V-12

    Ferrari Please...Put this in production!!
    But it does make me sick to know that if this does go into prodruction how many rappers and bigshot movie stars and lawyers etc. will pervert the car and its intended use by just "crusing" with it and seeing how much they can show off and how much attention they can get. To all you people mentioned, you make me sick and you are a disgrace to the Ferrari name.

    Lunga Viva Ferrari!
    Tifosi for life!

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