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  1. Saturday me and my dad went to the auction to get a brand new used car. He wanted the focus because its cheap, small and a hatchback. There was a great looking SVT focus there, and we were all set to buy it. My dad set his limit at 6k, unknowing the real worth of the car. The car sold for just 6400 and we ended up with a rental reject automatic.

    Needless to say, I'm pissed.
  2. that sucks.
  3. That does suck.
  4. your dad just bought a car for you, dont be pissed

    i worked 2 years to buy a car myself
  5. If it is you're car then lend him 400 dollars to buy the thing.
  6. I wan't an SVT Focus so bad.
  7. same here

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