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  1. The real lateral G's are more along the lines of 1.18.
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    No, they're not. They're correct as they are.
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    bottom line is that its really gay to debate lateral g's. its a test done in a parking lot. it also doesn have much bearing on actual on track handling or real world handling for that matter.

    the lm did over 1g easy and with slicks it was a rediculously good handling car. and as for the standard f1. you go buy one, drive it around and then start debating the lateral g's. you wont be because youll be too busy cleaning up the dribble from off of your lap.
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    "it also doesn have much bearing on actual on track handling or real world handling for that matter."

    Very Wrong:

    The skidpad tells you not only the cars outer limits of handling, but also its controllability as those limits are reached.

    For those of you who don't think skidpad Or slalom numbers mean anything when it comes to the track, here's some tests that prove otherwise.

    1997 MotorTrend Comparison:

    Skidpad 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 1.01 g
    Ferrari F355 1.01 g
    Porsche 911 Turbo 1.00 g

    600-feet Slalom(mph) 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 73.6
    Ferrari F355 72.1
    Porsche 911 Turbo 69.6

    Track Times 1-3

    Dodge Viper GTS 39.4
    Ferarri F355 39.5
    Porsche 911 Turbo 40.2

    The cars with the most G’s, and slalom speed took top positions on the track

    In the june 2003 issue of MT.
    In thier 10 car shoot-out, they do a test on the track, a figure eight course layout.

    The mosler mt900 photon took 1st

    It accelerated the fastest and pulled the most g's. acceled to 83.6mph, and did 1.14g

    Second the viper srt10

    acceled to 79.3mph
    pulled 1.05g

    Third, lambo murcielago


    4th, vette z06


    And so on.

    Each place you go down for a car, like from 5th to 6th the acceleration gets slower, or the cars didn't pull as many g's.

    The figure 8 track also tests acceleration, braking and hard, long turns in both directions.

    But in that comparison, the cars that pulled the most skidpad G’s, took top places on the track.

    That's two examples that the highest skidpad g's pulled by a car, allow it to do well on a track.

    In fact, looking back at the comparisons, the GTS viper pulled the most g's, had the highest slalom, and took 1st on the track.

    Look at the 2003 comparison.

    the 1st place car pulled the most g's, 2nd place did the 2nd best g's.

    While there are many more factors that make a car perform well on a track, i'm just pointing out that the skidpad and slalom tests do mean something and have proved themselves in these comparisons
    (there's a reason the magazines do these tests you know)

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    i agree...
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  12. viper 1426:

    Although I can agree with most of what you said, I just want to make one thing clear. A 1.5mph difference on the slalom means nothing at all. In the firgures you posted the Viper GTS posted pulled the most lateral G and had the highest slalom speed. However, it's only 0.1sec faster than the Ferrari F355. That's not a substantial margin at all and I bet that if they let the cars do multiple track runs, the results will most likely vary showing that the Ferrari had a faster lap time at some points and the Viper being a few tenths faster in others.

    Also on the MT figure-8 course, cars with higher horsepower will do better even though their handling is about the same as a less powerful car. My case being about the Z06 and SRT-10. They pulled the same slalom speed, and the Viper pulled a mere 0.07G average more than the Z06 -- not a big margin. The Viper got a faster time because it has a better engine output than the Z06 so it launched better out of each circle on to the mini-straights of the crossover of the firgure-8.

    My point is that even if your handling qualities aren't much better than your competition, you can make up for it in acceleration and/or braking like the GTS and SRT-10 did both your examples.
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