GT-R : Autocar first drive in UK roads

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  2. About the ride quality: 20 inch rims and runflats surely won't make it better.
  3. ride quality is pritty stiff because the chassie is very stiff... note that with the stiffer suspention, 20"rims and runflats (those runflats are still runflats but are suppose to be designed for better ride than a stock RE070 - they say its a more pliant sidewall).

    i also think they are using alot of pillow ball joints instead of bushings, which will make things a bit harsher, but they are better than using poly bushings for racing.
  4. Ugggg,

    A stiffer chassis does not make the ride quality stiff. A stiff chassis can easily be combined with a very soft ride.

    This makes no sense. Are you saying that pillow ball joints are less harsh than poly bushings. Any sort of pillow ball bearing is going to be much rougher than a poly bushing.
  5. my GOD you are a huge fanboi
  6. Would've figured with the electronic variable dampers, this should not be a problem. Guess not. Winding Road had similar observations while driving in Japan:
    "We were surpised at the lack of difference between the race setting, the sport setting, and the comfort setting of the Bilstein DampTronic adjustable dampers...The sturdy seats, big run-flats, and rigid comfort setting make for a car that is as tough to drive for long periods as a Porsche GT3. In this respect, the Porsche Turbo or any Corvette has the GT-R soundly beaten."

    A swap of tires would probably help; even if the sidewalls are softer than most runflats, they're likely to be heavier than equivalent non runflats.
  7. evo said the same about the ride, but they need to do a full u.k tsts to justify the comments. the test should be in the a few issues time
  8. lol at these fools wanting a nice soft setting. Go by an Alfa.
  9. You don't think a car with adjustable vehicle and damper settings (one of which is "Comfort") should be comfortable?
  10. If if does indeed have a explicitly labeled "comfort" setting, then sure.

    Well i'd rather it didnt have any adjustable damper settings (amonts other electronically controlled adjustments) ... with the hope it would be lighter. Hell, I'd rather it not have power windows.

    If you can afford a GTR, you should be able to afford a crappy little runabout as a 2nd car. At least thats the route I'd take.
  11. Usually, adjustable dampers are there to cope with different road conditions => soft for bad B-roads like in Britain / hard for track use. Their presence on such a car makes perfect sense to me if their range of adjustment is correctly calibrated. It seems to be on the limit on the GTR though...
  12. It does. But even if it didn't, that sort of undermines the whole point of electronic damping in the first place. From Nissan's press release:
    "Adjustability is central to the daily-driver nature of the Nissan GT-R, with a special 'set-up switch' located in the center of the instrument panel. This switch enables the driver to adjust transmission shifts, shock absorbers and the Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC-R) in three settings - Normal, Comfort or R, the high-performance setting designed for the Nissan GT-R 'supercar' application.
    Key to the Nissan GT-R's usability as a both daily driver and a high-performance supercar is its interior, which is designed to balance functionality, a sense of ease, and comfort.
    Sculpted performance bucket seats give the driver and passenger a comfortable driving experience, and soft pads are utilized on the dash in front of the passenger and doors to give an extra level of comfort and safety."

    The beauty of this car is that you're not supposed to even need a crappy little runabout as a 2nd car.
  13. Who needs a nice interior in a sports car? (re. Z06)

    Same point, different car.
  14. True the GTR has been one of more pratical sports cars of its time.

    I'm just one of those guys who doesnt mind the harsh ride if it means the car is lighter and more responsive. I'm not talking bone crushing Mines R34 GTR Demo Car harsh.. but.. probably somewhere between that and the Nissan GTR.

    Comfort is always nice but its not a neccesity for me. (although my kidneys will say otherwise when I'm 60 and going to the toilet 6 times a night) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  15. Not too sure what your point is exactly but for some people, the words "nice" and "luxurous" can be mutually exclusive. Kinda like how the Enzos interior isnt luxurous but it still is quality and nice.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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