GT-R gets beat by GT2 on Ring

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  1. well it is a car for men not fairies
  2. The big news here is that a journalist with only 2-3 laps in the Bridgestone-shod GT-R on the 'Ring, "on a cold surface that denies it the tyre temperature it so needs to operate to its proper abilities," was just as fast as Porsche's test driver who had hundreds of laps in perfect conditions with a GT-R on the stickier Dunlops.

    Also, welcome to November.
  3. For the price it better.
  4. It is obvious that GT 2 is better.
  5. obviously
  6. Chris Harris from drivers republic is a race driver(and car journalist) with tonns of northloop experience. Chris Harris race the VLN northloop endurance race series and did there this year allone 7 races and he knowed the GT-R well from time attack runs at the Silverstone race track. The GT2 with semi slicks does even more need temperature to get it´s tires up to working order.

    There is no report in what weather/track conditions the Porsche test driver did the northloop GT-R tests and how many laps they did...

    Sportauto chief testdriver only reached a 7:50min laptime with one of the three GT-R testmules Nissan had at the Ring as they did their first time attack runs.

    The most important news of this drivers repulic test, is that a north loop race driver thought that Porsche test driver Walter Röhrl did not show the full potential of the 997 GT2 in order not to hurt the 7:28min of the Carrera GT and that he does not understand how a stock production GT-R even on stickier Dunlop tyres can reach Nissan claimed laptimes even driven in a perfect faultless lap... with a GT-R break system that started fading befor the GT-R completed one northloop lap, with a GT-R that weight so much that it hurts cornering at many northloop turns and delet the AWD advantage in slippery conditions.
  7. Do you have a problem?
  9. Some people seem to think that the GT-R's N'Ring time is the only evidence of its performance. What about all the other tests by several magazines?
  10. I already know about Chris Harris. You don't think that Porsche engineer also knows the Ring? He set a time nearly as fast as Rohrl in the GT2, and was 2 seconds faster in the Turbo. And those aren't normal Michelin Pilot Sport Cup semislicks on that GT2. Two factors: Cup+, and Porsche N-Spec. Look it up.

    Porsche claimed Nissan's 7:29 time could only have been done due to cheater tires. This means they in fact tested after hundreds of laps on Dunlops, getting perfect conditions that Nissan got. If you're going to charge someone with cheating, you better damn well duplicate every condition they had. Otherwise, you STFU.

    Sport Auto chief test driver did that in only a *preview* lap. Ever figured out why they never released the lap chart? Or why the GT-R featured in the article was wearing Bridgestones? Their first time attack runs were in perfect conditions? Haha.

    AWD advantage in slippery conditions...we already know from numerous reports of GT-R drivers (and STi drivers who have the same Bridgestones as OEM) that those Bridgestones suck in the cold and damp. The GT2 and GT3's are faster in Sport Auto's wet lap circuit than the AWD Porsche Turbo. Ever wonder why that is? Also, Autocar test results through the years have shown that AWD is not automatically an advantage at 10/10ths driving around a wet circuit. In fact, AWD cars with a natural tendency toward understeer in the dry (such as the GT-R) perform even worse in the wet.

    Porsche claims that the Ferrari 599 and GT-R are about as fast around the NRing as a CTS-V with an automatic transmission. And do you believe that bullshit? Sounds like you do.
  11. I also find it funny how the anti GT-R fanboys were slagging R&T for bias, using Steve Millen in their track tests (despite 2 other drivers used by R&T also showing the GT-R being faster than the GT2 and Z06). Yet here we have a pro-Porsche journalist who says he tends to "live and breathe Porsche," but no one objects. Double standard?
  12. didnt they claimed that the gt2 will be fast as a carrera gt? why then hideing it's full potential?
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    sport auto, Hockeheim short track:

    1:09.7 --- 134.22 km/h - Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1497 kg (sport auto 03/08)

    1:11.2 --- 131.72 km/h - Nissan GT-R Clubsport, 480 PS/1765 kg (sport auto 01/09)
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    Streets of Willow:
    1:08.90 - GT-R
    1:09.77 - GT2

    Car Magazine
    Anglesey Circuit:
    1:00.6 - GT-R
    1:01.2 - GT2

    On average, however, the GT2 is faster. Most of the other times that the GT-R is slower, it's slower by a pretty small margin. Fractions of a second per each minute lap, as small as .1s difference over a 1:23.x lap in Evo's same-day test or .2s over a 2:10.x lap at Silverstone (DR). Point being, they are close. As mag tests the world over have shown, the GT-R is faster than the GT3 and faster than its primary target, the 997 Turbo. Even when it's low-mileage customer GT-R's compared to Porsche's press cars. Porsche's claim that the Turbo is 16 seconds faster at the 'Ring than the GT-R sounds like BS. I think the fact that DR passed over the Turbo and directly went to comparing the GT-R with the GT2 says a lot.
  16. The gt2 is much much faster in a strait line. due to that it can be faster on certain race tracks. i would say it definatly matters how many turns there are and how many straits there are. the gt-r can catch up fast in those turns.

    plus the gt-r has a differnt driving style many pro drivers dont try out. it wears the tires out and it could be considered dangerous, but it gets good lap times and its much more fun. I wouldnt use that method of driving for to many laps due to tires wearing to fast.

    but thats just annother factor. a pro driver may drive the car like that or not. steve millen showed how its done when he did the R&T tests. im not saying he is the best, or that other pro drivers cant do that, i just havent seen any pro drivers driving the R35 to its limits.

    Autozeitung and prfessional race driver Kurt Thiim took the Porsche 997 GT3 and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 to the Hockeheim short track for a head-to-head comparo:

    1:12.86 -- 128.37 km/h - Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1486 kg
    1:13.61 -- 127.31 km/h - Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, 640 PS/1804 kg
    (Autozeitung Powercars 05/08)
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    Porsche rules!
  18. i was missing you ajyawn
  19. And the GT2 was even stock!
  21. HEY YOU!!
  22. Who #$%#ing cares the GT-R is for pansies. The GT2 is for drivers.

    AWD understeer through video-game style paddle shifters vs. RWD oversteer through a proper six speed


    I'll take the GT2 any day

    proud driver of a manual car (Mazdaspeed 6)
  23. Porsche promises, Nissan Delivers

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    The GT-R can do oversteer too (as can other rear-biased AWD cars like the Murcielago and 997 Turbo).

    watch @ 1:10

    watch @ 1:59 as well as the opposite lock at 10:24

    The GT2 is probably more involving but to say that the GT-R drives itself would be pretty retarded. It just requires a different technique to get the most out of it.

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