GT1 vs Ferrari Enzo!

Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by 50 cent, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. I'm gonna say the GT1, its faster, its design is way better, and its a PORSCHE!!
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    Both cars are looking very good.It depends on your opinion.I don't know which car is faster but I'm sure that both cars are going like hell on close cicuits!
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    If I was to rely on track experience, I'd pick the GT1..because it's won several le mans races, and the Enzo has alot to prove. However, the Enzo is faster acceleration and top speed, and was derived directly from the Ferrari F1 racecar, So I'm gonna pick the Ferrari.
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    Enzo for me!
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    THe Enzo cause its FASTER!
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    uh, no! that pile is disgusting!!, the (98) would rip it to shreds, I'm not kidding either.
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    The Enzo is not a "pile", it's probably the most technologically advanced car today.
    It beats your Porsche in acceleration, top speed, and probably handling as well due to it's extremely high downforce.
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    I could only tell if they were raced on a track.
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    i would take this over the enzo...the enzo has over 100 more hp and only accelerates to 0-60 0.1 second quicker?
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    I am sorry but whoever says the Enzo is better is right. The Enzo is new, more advanced, has faster acceleration by .1 second, and the GT1 tops out at 192.6 mph and the Enzo tops out at 217.5 mph. Thats 24.9 mph faster. Now you cant say the GT1 is better, the Enzo even looks better. Look at the ugly spoiler on the GT1. The Enzo is by fact better in all areas than the GT1. Reply if you can top that with actuall facts. To settle this faster, the McLaren beats both of these and many cars to come.
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    It's a tuff decision. I'd probably go with the GT1 because they are so rare. I'm sure the re-sale value would be worth a hell of a lot more than the Enzo.
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    If you are worried about the re-sale value, you can't afford either.
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    And it's true.
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    911 GT1 no question.
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    This could woop Ferraris ass
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    Very Hard choice.... However Its really preferance between these two... Personally im a Porsche guy and I like the GT1's smoother lines over the Enzo's hard edge's....But both of these cars are kick ass
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    why do people have to always have to compare cars? Can't you just have a decent descusion about the car, instead of comparing it?
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    I love the comment about the best way to see a Ferrari is in the rear view mirror of a Porsche!!! I personally pick the GT1 because who knows what a .01 of a second faster accelration time when reaction time can kill that. The driver of the Porsche would have to be a good driver, but this is a given since most people can't handle a stock car that goes near the 200 mph range.


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    Hard to say??? I've seen this car race more often so I know its capabilities but judging by the stats, I think the Enzo's got a slight edge!!!
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    I am Dr. Funl
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    Many of u make me sick¡¡¡ your argument is that the enzo have more acceleration and top speed, you must be stupid, the gt1 beat the mclaren that have similar specs than the enzo and even more impressive, if u are stupid u go with those specs, if u are more cautious, you'll see the lap times, GT1 far away.
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    Enzo is faster kido. this goes around 192mph, Enzo goes around 217mph. see the difference? Appearance is an opinion. I'd take the Enzo over this though, for the shear fact that i love Ferrari and that i think its in/exterior design looks more aggresive and more stylish (even though this car looks very stunning.)
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    GT1 - manual, lighter, and a real race car. both cars r supremely impractical but taking into account performance solely the Gt1 would win. it way be slower in a staright line but compare braking, and cornering G's and the enzo would get raped. as well the GT1 looks better.
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    they are close in accel. the enzo has better top speed (but around a track the top speed is hard to reach) and the GT1 handles better, but then again the Porsche is 6 years older then the enzo, and cars have come a long way in 6 years, compair this to a 6 year old car and see, this kicks ass.
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    on a track, any track for that matter, this will outhandle and most likely outaccelerate the enzo, because it is lighter, has MUCH more race oriented suspension(stiffer shock valving and stiffer springs). this was a race car made street legal, due to homogenization rules of the FIA. the enzo is a different vehicle, designed to be an ultima road car, not a track dedicated vehicle like this.

    ultimately, the enzo is a much more "fun" car for daily driving, with better road manners and more comfort, but for track use, the GT1 is much more appropriate, without a doubt.

    also, most of you are forgetting that the GT1 was geared for acceleration and not top speed. this car could reach similar top speeds as the ferrari, but that was not neccesary, and anyways, porsche decided to speed limit this vehicle to 192 mph due to safety reasons(not everyone is skilled enough to drive a car at 310kmh mind you).

    for those who will want to say that the enzo has a greater max power output, this car WEIGHS about 300 lbs less, which makes its power/weight ratio about the same as the enzo, and with a closer ratio transmission, it is able to out accelerate the enzo aswell.

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