GT4 Box

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  1. It is a ford GT
  2. my cover is better
  3. thats why I said I was 999.99999999% sure. Im not 1000% sure only because of the tiny possibility that a layer of dust in the shape of a Ford GT landed precisely on the screen in the place of that picture the exact moment I saw it, and it hid the real car underneath, which was a yugo.
  4. Actualy I think that GT2 logo might comfuse the younger players, LOL. What might be cool is change the GT2 logo to a GT4 logo. (Similar to the GT3 box)

  5. Here's one I just made.
  6. why would i care about younger players, they should be sticking to NFS anyway
  7. Heres another.
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  9. from last time
  10. What car is that?
  11. looks liek a volvo with a stickypod
  12. Its a volvo 740 wagon.
  13. Is that even in the game?
  14. No, but that was just a cool picture I took. Besides, if his parents werent using the 240 wagon at the time I would have taken a picture of that, which happens to be in the game.
  15. Not so much a stickypod, but more of wood strapped to the roof rack.
  16. here's a dodgy one i knocked up quickly
  17. Haha!
  18. is this guy serious/that dumb?
  19. is this guy serious/that dumb?

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