H&K announces new pistol

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by catphish, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. H&K following the trend set by FN will introduce the P46. A 4.6 x 30 companion weapon to the MP7. Magazine capacity is 20 rounds.

  2. Any pictures?
  3. Compared to a 9mm or .45 are these kind of weapons very effective if the target is not wearing armor?
  4. Try it again.
  5. dont think its gonna be legal In CA(with the 20 round magazine), just as the MK 23 isnt sold in CA
  6. It's not sold in the US anyway because it's chambered in 4.6 x 30 you stupid n00b.
  7. Good. We need more guns.
  8. Noob u call me, but I know more about firearms than you!

    I didnt know it was chambered in 4.6x 30 asswipe! ( despite my knowledge of guns, I cannot recall remembering a cartridge such as 4.6 x 30 , is it a new round? That weems very small. because .30 caliber(.30 of an inch is 7.62) and 4.6 is even smaller than that!
  9. You don't know more about anything than anyone because you're a f**king brain dead retard.

    I clearly state in my FIRST POST the caliber of the weapon. But I guess stupid little shits like you post without reading anything.
  10. A) This pistol won’t be sold to the civilian market.

    B) H&K are rarely used in crimes as they cost 6x the price of the most commonly used gun by criminals.

    C) This full automatic submachine gun is a direct result of restrictive gun laws in the UK. The whole firearm was constructed by hand from steel tubing, shaft lock collars and a few nuts and bolts. No welding, no special tools.

    D) Criminals manage to smuggle in billions of dollars worth of drugs each year but some how you don't think they can smuggle in guns?
  11. We just need more guns. Any way we can get them.
  12. No, you don't. Seriously. You don't.
  13. I bet putin can stop one because he is a proud ancient warrior. He stops bulets by simply drawing his might sword.
  14. You must be functionaly retarded.
  15. He's down with the syndrome, check other threads he has posted in.
  16. Yes I just saw a few actualy. The one where he quotes some one word for word adding exclamation marks was especialy dumb.
  17. Avoid striking a conversation or debate with him, it's clearly the best solution. It's hard to get the idiot to shut up.

    And he's not the only one. We used to make fun of the indies on a regular basis, because we didn't know the revenge they were capable of inflicting.
  18. Nice the thing has a modular trigger system I am thinking 4lbs quick action. That should get quite a bit of metal on target quickly.
  19. I just want this.
  20. The MP7 can do about 312 Ft-lbs in a larger barrel, this could do maybe 280... I dunno if I would want to defend myself with a round that is basically a fast pellet gun.... unless I absolutely knew the person was wearing body armor, but if a was prepareing for such a fight I would likely just use my AR-10. No body armor can stop a .308
  21. Of course it's diffent when you have the auto MP7 though, because in one second you can throw about 18 rounds...

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