1. tough question...
  2. Re: H1 or H2?

    no question, the H1 was not meant for civilians. but its design and capability were still cool. The H2 is a worthless piece of crap. it sports nothing special other then a mean looking body and some decent sized tires. it cant do nothing my 85 K-5 blazer w/ a 4" lift and some 35" tires cant do. It is still too expensive to be a regular vehicle, and it is far from a hummer. As soon as they stick that 496 big block in the H1 they will have most of the bugs out, and there will be no more questions
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    A message to everyone who thinks this H2 is a piece of crap......GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!........The H2 is way Better.HAIL THE MIGHTY H2.
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    the hi is better, the h2 is gay in my opinion
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    Mr. Diablomann I like off-road trucks like the next guy( I subscribe to four wheeler, nuff said) but the H2 has better approach and departure angles than your k5 with the lift. Like I said on another thread; throw on a skyjacker lift and 40in swampers and a milemarker winch and this thing will rock. cmon use your imagination.
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    h2 seems to have more hp, but it has less torque, 385 compared to the H1's 430
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    H1 the H2 looks like a friggin jeep.<!-- Signature -->
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    The H1 is ten times better. The H2 looks like an ass nugget.
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    Well no matter what, you're gonna have to live with the H2, just as lots of you will have to live with the design of the new 7, or the Caddy CTS, because this is the car which will replace the predecessor.
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    Yeah. I suppose we'll have to live with it. I don't think it will sell very well though. We'll find out soon.
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    H1<!-- Signature -->
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    Well I think both serve different purposes. The H1 was for military use and for rugged terrain. THe H2 combines that with modern family SUV's. I still think it is kinda worthless cause well for 50,000 you could get a nicer SUV. Its kinda ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have ridden in both. I love the interior of the H2 100X better than the H1 but I like the Extieior of the H1 better than the H2.<!-- Signature -->
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    h1 yeh it does sorta look like a military vehicle that u see in those war movies and h2 looks more like a car i wud buy to go offroading

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