Hacking and credit card numbers

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by MR2T, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. I've sent you 4 E-mails about my password that's been changed. I'm sick and tired of being left out!

    And I just tried in the contact form to send ANOTHER e-mail and it's not working, again! I got the damn white page of death, again!

    Can you please send another password for my V8stangman account at jeanmariesauve@hotmail.com


  2. What's your email, Dan? I'm christofurr, and haven't had my account since last friday.
  3. Yeah, same here.
  4. AHAHAHA! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

  5. besides this site having nothing really to offer, this was the 2nd reason why Paying was a bad idea.


    Please ban accnt: Walperstyle
  6. Again, the site wasn't hacked
  7. if so, what was going on here?
    just some moron who got the power of a moderator?
  8. explain to me i could just go into other accounts?
  9. Who shall believe my verse in time to come?


    As i sit in my garden in my holiday home in Salzburg drinking tea, i am drawn to take a look back at my sucesses and achomplishments. Unlike my younger days i no longer yearn to drive my dashing ferrari's through the Monaco countryside, or my speedboats.

    No, but lately i have been more drawn toward art and the splendid beauty of nature.

    Achieving sucess on such a massive scale was not easy. Today i control the vast majority of the world's steel production, it is my steel that is used by the world's best automakers. Gold bullions sales around the world are also my business, as is diamonds, import/export of raw materials.

    But as i stand in my garden with my cup of tea, and with the wind in my face, i cannot help but think, who shall believe my verse in time to come.

  10. Are "achomplishments" and "sucess" antique posh words?
  11. he's from italy remember?
  12. Epic.
  13. Why were other members able to log on as other members? I.e. Aych Es Vee managed to be 5 accounts and all he was doing was logging on and off.

  14. Interestingly enough, last week, the Car & Driver magazine forums had teh exact same thing happen to them. people were randomly logging in as other users just by loggin in.
  15. One would think that someone of your stature would be bored of this little game by now, but apparently "posh" is another word for "inbred."
  17. not even, I was just refreshing the account manager page!
  18. VL avatars were the best!

    u had me lol'ing everytime
  19. Best post EVER.

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